Sunday, 13 January 2013

12/01/2013 - Here comes the Bride (to be!)

Today I went shopping for my wedding dress!

I've been engaged 13 months and 3 days and today I tried on my first wedding dresses with under 8 months to go until the big day!


Anyone who knows me will tell you that I HATE SHOPPING! I am not a shopper in any way, and the thought of having to pick possibly the most important and most scruitinised outfit I will ever wear actually broke me out in hives!

But, as I need to have something to wear at my wedding, I may as well go and try a few dresses on and man up! Can't put this off much longer!

I took it as a good omen when I managed to get my contact lenses in without any bother! It's only the third time I've worn them, so I say go me! :)

Blurry contact lens!

I went into Liverpool to meet my uni friend Koran. She used to work in a wedding shop, and is also someone I trust to tell me exactly what she thinks about an outfut! We had a lovely coffee (MMM skinny hazelnut latte!) and then I gathered up all the butterflies in my stomach to go try on some pretty frocks!

The first place we went to is a small shop on the outskirts of the city centre. It didn't have a massive range of dresses in, but were relaxed and very helpful, pinning me in where necessary, and blinging me up with tiaras and veils!

I tried on quite a few dresses. I will show you a couple of pictures of ones which aren't contenders to be The Dress.

That's me. In a french wedding dress. With a veil. I have a skinny waist! Go me! :D Didn't like this one as it looks like the underskirt is on the outside!

This shop also sells prom dresses, hence all the gubbins behind me in this pic! They aren't specifically bridesmaid dresses - don't worry!

The lovely Koran also made me try on the biggest dress that they had in the shop. This one was SOOO heavy but always good fun! It was never going to be an option as the aisle at our venue isn't that wide but apparently I have to try it, just in case. I agree that it does make you feel more like a 'bride' but Just no.

We were at this shop for about an hour and a half. They were lovely, but by the time we had finished we were gasping for a beverage! With 90 minutes to kill before our next appointment, we went and had a little drink, then headed for our next appointment!

The next shop we went to is one of the larger ones in Liverpool, and it was definitely more wedding-y and formal! I think if I had come here first, it would have freaked me out a little too much as it was very intimidating!

I only tried on 4 dresses here, and 3 of them were lovely. The looks lovely in the picture we took but not so nice in the flesh! It felt more like the dress was wearing me!

Skinny waist skinny waist skinny waist!

Sorry. Actually, I'm not. :)

This shop was more expensive. By a long way. But wow, the dresses were lovely. Didn't get to try on many as there was another bride in just before me, and I think she was trying on similar styles to the ones that I was! I think I missed a few as she had them! It's not the end of the world though.

After gasping at the price of some of these gowns, I took the lovely Koran for another drinky of a more fun kind...

On the left: Cherry Fizz.
On the right: Dark and Stormy.


We may have had one or two or more of these! We stayed out far later than I had planned! I even got Paul to come out and meet us to join the party!

It was a long day but I did enjoy it. I know I can have my pick of any wedding dress and it should suit me. Which makes making a decision even more difficult! Terrific!

Just got to see what my Mum thinks about them now...that's scary!

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  1. What is it with all the sleeveless wedding dresses! that would just kill me if I were looking for one now. I do like the one in the window behind you in that last photo.. ;) The first one is really pretty too.

    Looks like you had a great day