Tuesday, 15 January 2013

14/01/2013 - Just another manic Monday!

Nothing really interesting to tell you about today!

Country-wide we heard stories of snow and lots of it! Here in Liverpool...not so much!

Nothing but rain. Thank goodness! Snow turns to ice and I hate ice! Right there is the spot I broke my elbow on the ice 3 years ago last week!

I went to work. Paul went to work. I came home. Paul came home. We ate dinner (piri piri chicken pitta with salad, mexican rice and coleslaw...also known in our house as a 'Nando's'...based on the chain restaurant) and chilled out for a while.

I did no over time and feel cracking about it! :)

So for your pictures today, here are...as ever...my kitties! YAY! You bored of them yet?

How gorgeous are Maia's eyes? Pretty and green!

Barney decided to pretend to be a vegetable. Like one does!

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