Sunday, 20 January 2013

17/01/2013 - Typical Thursday

 Our office internet SUCKS.

Due to this, yet again, I had to stay late at work to get everything. No-one else seems to give a damn about doing this but I can't leave things unfinished for the next day. I just can't do it!

Yes, yes I think I will log out! Thanks for reminding me!
 My darling fiance offered to come and pick me up, which was very much appreciated. Especially as when I locked the office, this is what I came outside to:

Snow. Urgh.

SNOW ON ME. Tiny iccle snowflake!

Not that bad, right? PHEW!


In the minute I was stood outside waiting for Paul, it snowed harder. One was not amused.

Still, when I got home I had a lovely mug of honey and lemon to wash down the leftover spanish chicken bake from Tuesday night. SCORE!

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