Sunday, 20 January 2013

19/01/2013 - Braving the elements

I think I've titled this post a little melodramatically. The elements really aren't that bad. This is the view from my back bedroom window:

Barney is an expert photobomber!
See - really not that bad! Ordinarily I wouldn't have left the house today, but I had made an appointment to try on more wedding dresses and I don't like cancelling! My Mum was supposed to come with me but as the snow was really bad in the Midlands, they decided not to risk their lives by coming to visit. I don't blame them.

The lovely Koran came with me, despite just having 3 hours sleep after a night shift! She's an amazing friend, yes? We picked her up and took her back home so she could get more sleep than trudging for public transport.

I tried on 4 dresses. We didn't take a pic of the last one as it was HUGE. I hated it. It was an immediate NO from Koran!

Two fit very nice. I have pics of me wearing them but I think I'll keep those for myself (and the mothers!) Here are the pics from the website:

Photo taken from Justin Alexander website
 This was plain satin with a cute belt. It felt bridal. They put a veil on me. I felt more bridal. Still it's missing something. Some detail. Plus I don't know if I like the really mermaid skirt.

Photo taken from Justin Alexander website
Lace! And straps! I thought this would be a winner with my Mum. She thought it was ok. It has blingy bits on the neckline and the belt. The straps were REALLY itchy. It made my bum look amazing though! :)

So back to the drawing board. Which means trying more on. Sigh. I hate shopping!

After we dropped Koran back home, Paul decided he fancied a drink, so we took a stroll through the slightly snowy streets to Lark Lane and had a couple of beers while discussing the wedding.

Paul and his white wheat beer which was very nice actually!

Walking home in the dark wasn't fun. The streets were slippy and you couldn't really see the snow. I was a big wuss.

Treated ourself to some mulled wine and a comedy dvd to complete the evening!

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