Thursday, 28 February 2013

27/02/2013 - Smug

I had to leave Paul at home this morning. This is rare. He leaves the house before me. Them's the rules! However, he is off for the next 3 days and I am not.

I still got him to drive me to work though! Mwahahaha!

Anyway, I got to see him for an hour at lunch as I had errands to run and needed a chauffeur to run them, but I knew I wouldn't get to see him once I got home as he had people to see and things to do.

So I came home to chill, and decided to download a wedding planner app. I just like the ego boost as to how on schedule we are! 6 MONTHS TO GO, PEOPLE!

I was worried that we had sat around too long, not doing stuff. Turns out, I don't think we needed to! I probably waiting too long on the dress front but everything else seems to be going well!

We're working on our 'cake' as I type. Which is reassuring.

Toastmaster. Really? I have family members with a good enough voice. That's their job, surely?!

Clothes for the groom? NMP! That's his choice!

Finding wedding rings by middle of April is do-able!

Book honeymoon...we're waiting a year to honeymoon. Will have a few days away somewhere in Europe after the wedding. No need to worry.

In other words, we are fine.

I just hope we stay that way! Fingers crossed please, everyone!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

26/02/2013 - Bedtime!

Even though I felt like I had the best night's sleep in ages, I was still exhausted all day today!

I did well though and had a very productive day! Got most of my work done, so yay!

Once I came home, we had dinner and caught up with this week's How I Met Your Mother, and the second of a two-part Castle.

Then I was exhausted so decided to read in bed and be lazy. However, my eyes started hurting so I watched Paul read instead!

He looks really pleased about it as well, doesn't he?!

It's exhausting being a Barney, as well. He watched Paul read, just like Mummy!

25/02/2013 - I love it when a plan comes together

Monday morning. Same old same old. No-one wants to be at work. Who can blame them?!

The most exciting part of my day came when my lovely Maid of Honour (who's daughter's birthday we were at yesterday) emailed and said she had found a dress website with a sale on. For their bridesmaid dresses.


Turns out that this sale was quite reasonable! Made to measure and everything, which is great when one of your bridesmaids is 4' 11!

After emailing to and fro with her, as well as the hotel we looked at yesterday, she disappeared for a while. Which meant I got some work done.

Once I got home, about to do some more work, she called me.

So we set to looking through the dresses to see if there were any that were a viable option to be my bridesmaid dresses. Turns out there were more than a few!

Lucy, being the organisation legend that she is (and her initials are actually LEJ And (rews) which just seals the deal) got in touch with my sister-in-law and send over a short list.

So just over 24 hours from seeing her, and saying that my lovely fiance was going to organise the bridesmaid dresses; Lucy had googled, chosen and then we ordered them! Even with import tax (they're made in most decent online deals are) they are a steal! For both dresses, it cost about the same amount as my absolute limit for 1 from the high street! Just hope they're as good as they look now...EEK!

Here is one that didn't make the cut:

Image courtesy of Light In The

I'd have put more on here, except the website wouldn't let me copy any more. Which is fair enough.

I don't know if there will be a pre-wedding big reveal. I haven't decided! There are so many things I want to share with you all, but then at the same time, I've gotten quite good at keeping them secret! As soon as they go on the internets they are public knowledge. So sorry, my lovely readers. You will have to wait until after the day.

The stress of ordering the dresses actually made it quite a late night, but you know what? I slept better than I had for a long time!

Another thing off the list! WHOOP!

This wedding is slowly turning into a doddle!!*

*disclaimer - I don't actually mean that!

Monday, 25 February 2013

24/02/2013 - Posh Hotels and Party Time!

Today was a very fun Sunday! Even though I miss lying around all day, being very lazy and doing sweet F A all day, at least today we had another reason to leave the house...

Yes. Two days running, we got up and did things! Aren't you impressed?!

We took a trip to a posh hotel not far from where we're getting married to have a little look at the rooms to see whether we want to stay there before the wedding. I'm not going to lie: it's expensive. So we wanted to know if it would be worth paying all that money for.

The reception seating area.

The view from the reception seating area.

The verdict? Yes. Yes it is worth spending a lot of money on this hotel! The room we have asked to be reserved for us for the night before the wedding and the night after is a good size to get dolled up in I think. It's quite fancy and so we'll feel suitably spoilt as newlyweds! There's a spa there as well so we're hoping to get a treatment thrown in...fingers crossed!

From there, we took a journey over to the village where we're getting married to see how long it took. 20 minutes or so, it seems, in Sunday traffic. It means we're going to have to think about the car situation as I think it's a bit far for the camper van to do two trips...unless the bridesmaids want to hang out in the local pub whilst waiting for me and my Dad to arrive...

Actually, they'll probably be well up for it!

It is shut on a Sunday, but this is the main gate to our wedding venue! It's not the building you can see either. It's even further down that gorgeous long driveway! It's going to look so beautiful in September, even when it does rain!

From there, we took at trip over to see my lovely Maid of Honour Lucy and her family and friends to celebrate her little 'un's 2nd birthday! YAY!

Before I re-introduce you to the gorgeousness that is A, you should meet Lucy and Chris's first 'baby', their springer spaniel, Bella!

 This is possibly the best trained dog I have ever met! Plus, she is so pretty and lovely!

Bella and I having a cuddle. Not even love and belly rubs would get her to give that bloomin' ball up though! It's like Barney and Da Bird!

So from there we went to the local social club just on the end of their street to see the star of today's show!


 Everyone, meet A! Couldn't you just eat her up?! She's going to be the most precious little flower girl, she'll steal the attention from me! Which I'm fine with, FYI!


I love how disgruntled she looks at her cousin on the left, who is trying to get her to blow out her candles!


"IT'S MY CAKE, MUMMY! ALL MINE!" She really does take after her daddy!


Classy bird, just like her Mummy! ;)

After we'd salvaged some cake from A's surprisingly strong little grasp, we headed home to chill before heading to bed. Sunday nights are so depressing.

23/02/2013 - Adventure Time

I can't wait for a weekend where we have nothing to do! Seriously. I don't think that will come until October...but still. Some rest would be nice!

I wish I could transfer some of our weekend stuff to during the week, as at least I'd have something to talk about Monday to Friday!

Ah well. We did get a lie in this morning, which was nice! And kitty cuddles which were alsp lovely!

Then it was time to brave the big bad wide world and take a trip overseas! Well...river. And techincally we went under it. Ferry Cross the Mersey?! PAH! Tunnel under the Mersey is definitely the way to go! We went to The Wirral. Capital T, capital W. A place called Heswall to be exact.

We went to see a travel agent friend of ours to discuss our little getaway after our wedding. Honeymoon will wait until next year (so we can save some more and make it super awesome) so a few days somewhere in Europe perhaps might be nice to escape the post wedding craziness!

The travel agent wasn't on the high street or anything - it was in a little room in a cottagy-barn type location. Very gorgeous and old.

There were chickens. Lots of chickens. Roaming the car park!

Pretty brown chicken.

Brave black chicken!

Where the chickens hang out!

 Noisy bastard. He had a LOT to say!

We did our weekly supermarket shop whilst in that neck of the woods (and also looked for the place I'm having my hair and make up trial next week) then ventured back to the 'safe' side of the water, whilst laughing at Siri's pronounciation of places and road names! Never fails to amuse!

Toll booths. £1.50!! It's an outrage! I don't actually know if it's an outrage as I haven't actually been to The Wirral very often before so I don't know if that's expensive or not!

 It's the way of Kings, apparently. It didn't seem very Regal. In fact, it was a bit scary, if I'm honest!

See you on the other side...I hope...

We survived and made it home, even though it was snowing everso slightly. Thank goodness that didn't last!

We did epic amounts of washing up - we use a LOT of mugs apparently, then I pottered about whilst Paul made us a roast pork dinner!

Pre-gravy and apple sauce. Roast pork with a honey/mustard/soy glaze with roast root vegetable mash, sage & onion stuffing, brocolli and green beans. DELICIOUS.

Absolutely exhausted.

22/02/2013 - Eeet's Froidaye, INNIT?!

 One of the things that has been apparent to me these last couple of weeks (and please don't hate me) is that I've lost a little bit of weight.

It's not just the odd pound, and it's not as much as the scales were telling me the other week, but it's enough that my clothes don't fit me any more!

I have started making a pile of my big clothes. I haven't decided if I am going to donate these to charity or save them for when I inevitably get bigger again. It's in my nature, I will do what I can to keep it away...but it will come back!

Sorry, trousers, but you and me can't work together for now. I'll see you around Christmas, yeah?

I turned around to this:

Barney and friends! He loves all these toys. Especially Baby. The fleece underneath is the self heating bed I bought after seeing it on Love and Hisses.They both love it.

I survived work. I don't know how! Paul and I caught up on Community and Person of Interest whilst having dinner.

 It's getting cold out.

Maia decided that our bed sheets drying over the radiator is the perfect place for her to sleep. Could you tell that face not to sleep there?! So peaceful! So gorgeous!

On for more entertainment this evening...well...time for this:

Yup! Skyfall time! We saw this film on the day of release over here and loved it. We had to get it on BluRay.

Our favourite part of it - out-cockneying Adele! She doesn't pronounce 'l's. It's a 'w' making it 'Skyfauw'. Gotta love it!

My Dad won the complete Bond collection on VHS about 15 years ago, and I kept up with it. I think we now own them all. Although the majority are on VHS. And we no longer have a VHS player. It's sad.

My favourite is either Diamonds Are Forever or Live and Let Die, by the way.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

21/02/2013 - Normal Thursday

I am very entertained by my cats. I'm sure you've gathered that by now.

The fact that Barney is so threatened by a new packet of cotton wool pads is highly entertaining!

Either they are a threat or they are very tasty! By this point he had dug into my bag and got them this far out of there!

Who needs a Kong Kickaroo, when you have a new sealed packet of cotton wool make up removing pads?!

Work was a hard day. New line manager is not a morning person, which makes work very difficult until about 3pm. I dislike this. I am definitely a morning person. I usually start my comedown at about 6ish I'd say!

To entertain whilst we caught up on Person of Interest, I had a glass of something pink (naughty) and Paul tried some new beers.

I think he liked it.

20/02/2013 - Work then Whedon

It's Wednesday. Wednesdays always drag. A LOT.

At least we have #Whedonsday to look forward to. It was season finale night! Not just the season 4 finale of Angel but the season 7 finale of Buffy. Which was the last eps of the television season! It's the second time that we've watched the whole of Buffy and I'm proud of us for getting this far!

See how excited Paul was?

Yeah...he had his iPod on. Ignored the whole beginning. Lovely.

Still, he redeemed himself by cooking paella (non-seafood) which was delish. I think @thischris took a picture. I forgot. Sorry. It was good though.

He also bought pudding. A personal favourite of mine: Jaffa cakes (Marks & Spencer's own...not the original)


This leads me to ask the question: Jaffa cakes - cake or biscuit? Discuss.

19/02/2013 - Another day of nothingness

Having written a few posts on the bounce and having been introduced to scheduling posts so as not to spoiler anyone (thank you, Connie!), I am making more of an effort to take more pictures every day, even if they are of nothing of consequence!

We were short staffed again at work, which isn't the end of the world. Except I had to go to the Post Office, which is a good mile walk from the office and a mile back again. So I left line manager man on his own and took a stroll in the winter/spring sunshine!

These gorgeous flowers (I don't know what they are) were growning in the grass by my office. Apparently it's going to get super cold at the weekend again, so I suspect they won't last long. Which is sad. I'm glad I caught them on camera.

The afternoon dragged somewhat, and then I had to come home and iron. This is so unfair!

However, at least while I was ironing, Paul was washing up!

Photographic evidence that he does wash up! He's a good boy!

While I was ironing, I was coming to terms with the loss of one of my favourite tops.

I've had it for years, but sadly, the downside to an old house means that certain things fall victim to damp and moths etc.


I loved this top. Sure, it was Primark's finest, but still, I looked good in it.

RIP top. I will avenge you.

We also caught up on some TV while I was ironing. Namely, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii 5-O and Castle.

HOW GOOD WAS CASTLE THIS WEEK?! Nathan Fillion going dark just rocked my world! One of the best episodes yet!

18/02/2013 - Happy Birthday A!

It's my lovely bezzie's daughter's 2nd birthday today! As we're not seeing her until Sunday, I will leave the birthday post until then!

So today was the first day of approximately 4 weeks of being a man down. Then I remembered one of the other guys was off today. So it was two of us.

The last thing we needed - a technical problem:

I think we were shut out for at least half the day. GREAT!

Paul was at the football tonight so I sat in bed, caught up with tv shows that Paul doesn't want to watch and wrote a few blog posts as you might have guessed I'm a little behind! ;)

Paul managed to drive from Manchester to Liverpool in the same time it took Paul's mum to drive from one side of Manchester to the other! Madness!

17/02/2013 - Hangovers Suck

I'd tell you more about my hangover, except it took FOREVER to arrive...and it wasn't nice!

The only plans we had for today was going over to Manchester to a wedding fair. Not that we need a wedding fair really, but the string quartet we have booked to play our wedding ceremony were playing, and it would be nice to see them before I walk down the aisle on our wedding day.

Guys. They are AMAZING.

I can't access their website at the time of writing for some reason, but if you want to check them out, look at their website here.

I asked them to play one of my favourite movie themes (but not blogging it as don't want to spoil it!) and they only needed to play 4 notes before I was filling up! Seriously, it was perfect! I can't imagine anything more perfect for our wedding! EEEEEEEK! :D

So, upon arrival at the fair room, we were given a glass of bucks fizz (which kinda helped my hangover!) and we walked around getting more and more smug at how much of our wedding we have actually sorted! Go Team Us!

So the fair itself was a bit un-necessary, but seeing the string quartet was worth every penny of travelling to Manchester!

As we had missed our train, we popped into a bar called Brewdog for a pint before heading back to Liverpool.

It's an interesting place. If you like beer. I just felt...well...naff, to be honest!

It hasn't been open all that long, but Paul's a big fan. Plus our bar maid had an afro! :D

I don't remember much after getting home. I think we ate our spanish style chicken bake, then I fell asleep stupidly early!

So proud of myself. :-|

Saturday, 23 February 2013

16/02/2012 - Productive Day... :D we got some pretty wedding stuff out of the way.

I had to get up early as we had a nice morning meeting to get to. With a florist.

Yes, we sorted our wedding flowers today! She got what I was envisioning, and was really reasonably priced as well! It was a LOT cheaper than we had thought it was! We have given her artistic licence with certain aspects, so we will have a surprise as well! I can't wait!

From there, Paul dropped me off at my friend Koran's house. We had a catch up and then we went to try on a wedding dress. Yes. Just one. I thought I might have found my wedding dress and...

I bought one.

YAY! I now have a wedding dress! I have an outfit to get married in!

Sorry, friends, but I can't spoil you as to any of the details as Paul does read this blog. And while he doesn't want to spoil himself and could quite easily find a picture of my wedding dress; at the same time, I don't want to give it to him on a plate, do I

So let's pretend it's this one:

Taken from a google search of "my big fat gypsy wedding"

Ain't it pretty?! ;)

It's such a relief to know that this is out of the way! I know that loads of girls dream of going and trying on wedding dresses, but honestly. It's not me. Maybe one day I will regret not making the most of this opportunity but as of now. PHEW!

So both flowers and my dress sorted today?! Sounds like an excuse for a celebration to me!

So Ko-ko and I headed into Liverpool for cheap wine and a gossip. Which turned into a VERY late night! :D

There were more than one or two of these. Don't judge us. We were celebrating! :D

See how pretty we are!? :D

Aaaand the rest...well, we had a cockney accent for some of the time. Other than that...pass! ;)

15/02/2013 - Happy Birthday Mummy Hartley

It's my Mum's birthday today! So happy birthday to her!

Not much to say about today. It was Natalie's last day.

My picture of the day is of the last cup of tea she will ever make me. Poignant, non?

Again, nothing much happened of any note. I feel bad that I am writing about nothing at all! However the point of this is taking a photo a day, and I more than accomplish that mission!

Anyway, to bulk this out a bit, here's Barney!

How cute is our mini panther?!

14/02/2013 - Happy Love Day

Ah, St Valentine's Day. A day of love and romance. A day of splurging on red roses and chocolates.


Not a fan. Would rather my lovely fiance bought me flowers when he felt like it, rather than when Hallmark dictates!

We exchange cards, but that's as about as far as we go. The amount of people that scoff at that, calling me frozen hearted etc, you wouldn't believe. Sod them! We're getting married! Don't need over priced red roses to tell me he loves me! Besides, I don't even like red roses!

I took loads of pictures today! Bet you're all really excited about that!

I've taken many pictures through the rear office window but it's rare we get many other friends than than a few fat magpies coming to visit.


It's my colleague Natalie's last day today. 

Natalie's Mum decided to make us a curry to celebrate her penultimate day in the office. Not all of this is mine, by the way. It was...ok. Very clearly out of a jar. But it was very nice of her to make us some scran.

Then came a ring on the doorbell! We weren't expecting anyone! Who could it be?!


Yeah, they aren't for me! Natalie had a secret delivery. Although it was obvious to us whom they were from. I won't bore you with details. Needless to say, he should not be sending her flowers...

Nat thought that they were for me from Paul. I knew they weren't and if they had have been I would have been mortified! Glitter?! Seriously?! Not me at all. A £1 bunch of daffodils makes me happier! Gerberas? No ta.

I worked late (see how romantic I am) and when I came home I discovered our new house guest as a special treat!

Blogger friends - I'd like you to meet Henry! He's going to be staying with us for a long while I hope!

So Paul's Dad decided to come over today after measuring up for a new bannister the other week. Part One is in progress! 

I have a bannister! My father in law has made me one! He's still going to re-build the one on the other side, but I have this one to keep me safe for now!

He also bought us Henry as it turns out that our Dyson doesn't actually work any more!

Barney is a big fan of Henry's other house, as you can see! Well, it's a box. What else could I expect?!

13/02/2013 - #Whedonsday once more

Crazy busy day in work. Which I can live with as at least the days go quicker, right?

Then, in the evening, my good friend Chris came over for another #Whedonsday. It's the penultimate one for what we are watching, and boy was it good! If you don't know why it was good, then follow our other friend @whedonsday on twitter and if you've never seen any of Joss Whedon's projects before, you'll know all you ever need to!

Paul decided to sample a couple of the beers he bought at @beermoth on Sunday. This was a firm favourite.

Not only is it a pretty label, it's a nice beer too!

12/02/2013 - Domestic Goddess

The joys of having a busy weekend is that you have to actually do stuff during the week. I hate having to do stuff in the week.

I work in the week. I don't want to have to do home stuff!

Alas, this week needs must. Otherwise Paul would have to go to work topless. Which is fine by me, but it's still barely above freezing outside.

This isn't the finished product, by the way. I just suddenly remembered I needed a picture of today!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate ironing?!

Still, to accompany my ironing spree, I logged into my little pixellated friends.

Sim alien baby grew up! :D

She's a cutie pie! Not ugly enough for my liking. Will have to make her marry a facially challenged sim from the town!

Paul came back...from wherever he was...a networking thing I think...and we watched a bit of TV then went to sleep. Not the most eventful of days I'm afraid. BUT CHECK OUT THE SIM BAYBEE!

Friday, 22 February 2013

11/02/2012 Apparently it's the year of the ouch!

 So apparently I'm not allowed a week without pain!

Turns out that my back ain't doing so great. To the extent that after work, it took me 25 minutes to get home when it usually takes 25 minutes.

Thus, only one thing for it once I got home.

Ah, my old friend, hot water bottle! It has seen me through many woes. Broken central heating. Dodgy landlady. A kitty who likes to be warm so used to sleep under my chin so I couldn't breathe!

My Grandma didn't have central heating, so when we used to stay at her house in Lancashire as a child, I used to go to sleep on a little camp bed in my parents' bedroom with two of these bad boys and about 8 blankets to keep me warm! They all got electric blankets but personally, I think hot water bottles have a certain charm!

Although an electric blanket right now would go down a dream!

Paul felt sorry for me, so decided to bring me dinner in bed while I was working. And he even made it cute for me!

Smiley omelette for dinner. Can't stay sad after that, right?

10/02/2013 - Socialising

I made plans the other week to catch up with an old colleague in Manchester while Paul was at the football. As her husband supports the same team, it sounded like a good plan.

Paul and I ventured to Manchester around about lunch time, and as both of us were dafties, we hadn't had breakfast before we left.

So we went for a lunch at a place called fyg. It's a deli place, and you know what? It's deeeelish!

Both Paul and I chose one of the gourmet sandwiches, and had half of each flavour each. In a bizarre twist of the norm, I preferred the one I ordered, and Paul preferred the one he ordered! That never happens!

I was being good, knowing I'd be sat in the pub with Mrs T for the rest of the afternoon, so enjoyed a lemonade with my lunch. Paul...not so much!

Quite a strong beer. Quite nice though.

From there, we went to a new specialist beer shop called Beermoth. They haven't got a website but check them out on twitter - @beermoth or on facebook! Paul bought some yummy beer. Well, we hope it's yummy anyway!

From there Paul went to the football and I met Mrs T. And we had a bottle of wine. Then another. Then Paul came to meet us...and we had another bottle of wine.

*Scene Missing*

We  got the train home. That's about all I remember...