Friday, 22 February 2013

10/02/2013 - Socialising

I made plans the other week to catch up with an old colleague in Manchester while Paul was at the football. As her husband supports the same team, it sounded like a good plan.

Paul and I ventured to Manchester around about lunch time, and as both of us were dafties, we hadn't had breakfast before we left.

So we went for a lunch at a place called fyg. It's a deli place, and you know what? It's deeeelish!

Both Paul and I chose one of the gourmet sandwiches, and had half of each flavour each. In a bizarre twist of the norm, I preferred the one I ordered, and Paul preferred the one he ordered! That never happens!

I was being good, knowing I'd be sat in the pub with Mrs T for the rest of the afternoon, so enjoyed a lemonade with my lunch. Paul...not so much!

Quite a strong beer. Quite nice though.

From there, we went to a new specialist beer shop called Beermoth. They haven't got a website but check them out on twitter - @beermoth or on facebook! Paul bought some yummy beer. Well, we hope it's yummy anyway!

From there Paul went to the football and I met Mrs T. And we had a bottle of wine. Then another. Then Paul came to meet us...and we had another bottle of wine.

*Scene Missing*

We  got the train home. That's about all I remember...

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