Friday, 22 February 2013

11/02/2012 Apparently it's the year of the ouch!

 So apparently I'm not allowed a week without pain!

Turns out that my back ain't doing so great. To the extent that after work, it took me 25 minutes to get home when it usually takes 25 minutes.

Thus, only one thing for it once I got home.

Ah, my old friend, hot water bottle! It has seen me through many woes. Broken central heating. Dodgy landlady. A kitty who likes to be warm so used to sleep under my chin so I couldn't breathe!

My Grandma didn't have central heating, so when we used to stay at her house in Lancashire as a child, I used to go to sleep on a little camp bed in my parents' bedroom with two of these bad boys and about 8 blankets to keep me warm! They all got electric blankets but personally, I think hot water bottles have a certain charm!

Although an electric blanket right now would go down a dream!

Paul felt sorry for me, so decided to bring me dinner in bed while I was working. And he even made it cute for me!

Smiley omelette for dinner. Can't stay sad after that, right?

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