Saturday, 23 February 2013

12/02/2013 - Domestic Goddess

The joys of having a busy weekend is that you have to actually do stuff during the week. I hate having to do stuff in the week.

I work in the week. I don't want to have to do home stuff!

Alas, this week needs must. Otherwise Paul would have to go to work topless. Which is fine by me, but it's still barely above freezing outside.

This isn't the finished product, by the way. I just suddenly remembered I needed a picture of today!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate ironing?!

Still, to accompany my ironing spree, I logged into my little pixellated friends.

Sim alien baby grew up! :D

She's a cutie pie! Not ugly enough for my liking. Will have to make her marry a facially challenged sim from the town!

Paul came back...from wherever he was...a networking thing I think...and we watched a bit of TV then went to sleep. Not the most eventful of days I'm afraid. BUT CHECK OUT THE SIM BAYBEE!

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