Saturday, 23 February 2013

14/02/2013 - Happy Love Day

Ah, St Valentine's Day. A day of love and romance. A day of splurging on red roses and chocolates.


Not a fan. Would rather my lovely fiance bought me flowers when he felt like it, rather than when Hallmark dictates!

We exchange cards, but that's as about as far as we go. The amount of people that scoff at that, calling me frozen hearted etc, you wouldn't believe. Sod them! We're getting married! Don't need over priced red roses to tell me he loves me! Besides, I don't even like red roses!

I took loads of pictures today! Bet you're all really excited about that!

I've taken many pictures through the rear office window but it's rare we get many other friends than than a few fat magpies coming to visit.


It's my colleague Natalie's last day today. 

Natalie's Mum decided to make us a curry to celebrate her penultimate day in the office. Not all of this is mine, by the way. It was...ok. Very clearly out of a jar. But it was very nice of her to make us some scran.

Then came a ring on the doorbell! We weren't expecting anyone! Who could it be?!


Yeah, they aren't for me! Natalie had a secret delivery. Although it was obvious to us whom they were from. I won't bore you with details. Needless to say, he should not be sending her flowers...

Nat thought that they were for me from Paul. I knew they weren't and if they had have been I would have been mortified! Glitter?! Seriously?! Not me at all. A £1 bunch of daffodils makes me happier! Gerberas? No ta.

I worked late (see how romantic I am) and when I came home I discovered our new house guest as a special treat!

Blogger friends - I'd like you to meet Henry! He's going to be staying with us for a long while I hope!

So Paul's Dad decided to come over today after measuring up for a new bannister the other week. Part One is in progress! 

I have a bannister! My father in law has made me one! He's still going to re-build the one on the other side, but I have this one to keep me safe for now!

He also bought us Henry as it turns out that our Dyson doesn't actually work any more!

Barney is a big fan of Henry's other house, as you can see! Well, it's a box. What else could I expect?!

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