Saturday, 23 February 2013

16/02/2012 - Productive Day... :D we got some pretty wedding stuff out of the way.

I had to get up early as we had a nice morning meeting to get to. With a florist.

Yes, we sorted our wedding flowers today! She got what I was envisioning, and was really reasonably priced as well! It was a LOT cheaper than we had thought it was! We have given her artistic licence with certain aspects, so we will have a surprise as well! I can't wait!

From there, Paul dropped me off at my friend Koran's house. We had a catch up and then we went to try on a wedding dress. Yes. Just one. I thought I might have found my wedding dress and...

I bought one.

YAY! I now have a wedding dress! I have an outfit to get married in!

Sorry, friends, but I can't spoil you as to any of the details as Paul does read this blog. And while he doesn't want to spoil himself and could quite easily find a picture of my wedding dress; at the same time, I don't want to give it to him on a plate, do I

So let's pretend it's this one:

Taken from a google search of "my big fat gypsy wedding"

Ain't it pretty?! ;)

It's such a relief to know that this is out of the way! I know that loads of girls dream of going and trying on wedding dresses, but honestly. It's not me. Maybe one day I will regret not making the most of this opportunity but as of now. PHEW!

So both flowers and my dress sorted today?! Sounds like an excuse for a celebration to me!

So Ko-ko and I headed into Liverpool for cheap wine and a gossip. Which turned into a VERY late night! :D

There were more than one or two of these. Don't judge us. We were celebrating! :D

See how pretty we are!? :D

Aaaand the rest...well, we had a cockney accent for some of the time. Other than that...pass! ;)

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