Sunday, 24 February 2013

18/02/2013 - Happy Birthday A!

It's my lovely bezzie's daughter's 2nd birthday today! As we're not seeing her until Sunday, I will leave the birthday post until then!

So today was the first day of approximately 4 weeks of being a man down. Then I remembered one of the other guys was off today. So it was two of us.

The last thing we needed - a technical problem:

I think we were shut out for at least half the day. GREAT!

Paul was at the football tonight so I sat in bed, caught up with tv shows that Paul doesn't want to watch and wrote a few blog posts as you might have guessed I'm a little behind! ;)

Paul managed to drive from Manchester to Liverpool in the same time it took Paul's mum to drive from one side of Manchester to the other! Madness!

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