Sunday, 24 February 2013

19/02/2013 - Another day of nothingness

Having written a few posts on the bounce and having been introduced to scheduling posts so as not to spoiler anyone (thank you, Connie!), I am making more of an effort to take more pictures every day, even if they are of nothing of consequence!

We were short staffed again at work, which isn't the end of the world. Except I had to go to the Post Office, which is a good mile walk from the office and a mile back again. So I left line manager man on his own and took a stroll in the winter/spring sunshine!

These gorgeous flowers (I don't know what they are) were growning in the grass by my office. Apparently it's going to get super cold at the weekend again, so I suspect they won't last long. Which is sad. I'm glad I caught them on camera.

The afternoon dragged somewhat, and then I had to come home and iron. This is so unfair!

However, at least while I was ironing, Paul was washing up!

Photographic evidence that he does wash up! He's a good boy!

While I was ironing, I was coming to terms with the loss of one of my favourite tops.

I've had it for years, but sadly, the downside to an old house means that certain things fall victim to damp and moths etc.


I loved this top. Sure, it was Primark's finest, but still, I looked good in it.

RIP top. I will avenge you.

We also caught up on some TV while I was ironing. Namely, How I Met Your Mother, Hawaii 5-O and Castle.

HOW GOOD WAS CASTLE THIS WEEK?! Nathan Fillion going dark just rocked my world! One of the best episodes yet!

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  1. You're welcome :)

    those are crocus

    since it is a knit top, you could mend it, getting a similar colored thread and nip the holes closed - but if it is too late, don't worry it would look funny (and if it isn't try it.. I've saved a couple of tops that way)