Sunday, 24 February 2013

20/02/2013 - Work then Whedon

It's Wednesday. Wednesdays always drag. A LOT.

At least we have #Whedonsday to look forward to. It was season finale night! Not just the season 4 finale of Angel but the season 7 finale of Buffy. Which was the last eps of the television season! It's the second time that we've watched the whole of Buffy and I'm proud of us for getting this far!

See how excited Paul was?

Yeah...he had his iPod on. Ignored the whole beginning. Lovely.

Still, he redeemed himself by cooking paella (non-seafood) which was delish. I think @thischris took a picture. I forgot. Sorry. It was good though.

He also bought pudding. A personal favourite of mine: Jaffa cakes (Marks & Spencer's own...not the original)


This leads me to ask the question: Jaffa cakes - cake or biscuit? Discuss.

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