Sunday, 24 February 2013

21/02/2013 - Normal Thursday

I am very entertained by my cats. I'm sure you've gathered that by now.

The fact that Barney is so threatened by a new packet of cotton wool pads is highly entertaining!

Either they are a threat or they are very tasty! By this point he had dug into my bag and got them this far out of there!

Who needs a Kong Kickaroo, when you have a new sealed packet of cotton wool make up removing pads?!

Work was a hard day. New line manager is not a morning person, which makes work very difficult until about 3pm. I dislike this. I am definitely a morning person. I usually start my comedown at about 6ish I'd say!

To entertain whilst we caught up on Person of Interest, I had a glass of something pink (naughty) and Paul tried some new beers.

I think he liked it.

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