Monday, 25 February 2013

22/02/2013 - Eeet's Froidaye, INNIT?!

 One of the things that has been apparent to me these last couple of weeks (and please don't hate me) is that I've lost a little bit of weight.

It's not just the odd pound, and it's not as much as the scales were telling me the other week, but it's enough that my clothes don't fit me any more!

I have started making a pile of my big clothes. I haven't decided if I am going to donate these to charity or save them for when I inevitably get bigger again. It's in my nature, I will do what I can to keep it away...but it will come back!

Sorry, trousers, but you and me can't work together for now. I'll see you around Christmas, yeah?

I turned around to this:

Barney and friends! He loves all these toys. Especially Baby. The fleece underneath is the self heating bed I bought after seeing it on Love and Hisses.They both love it.

I survived work. I don't know how! Paul and I caught up on Community and Person of Interest whilst having dinner.

 It's getting cold out.

Maia decided that our bed sheets drying over the radiator is the perfect place for her to sleep. Could you tell that face not to sleep there?! So peaceful! So gorgeous!

On for more entertainment this evening...well...time for this:

Yup! Skyfall time! We saw this film on the day of release over here and loved it. We had to get it on BluRay.

Our favourite part of it - out-cockneying Adele! She doesn't pronounce 'l's. It's a 'w' making it 'Skyfauw'. Gotta love it!

My Dad won the complete Bond collection on VHS about 15 years ago, and I kept up with it. I think we now own them all. Although the majority are on VHS. And we no longer have a VHS player. It's sad.

My favourite is either Diamonds Are Forever or Live and Let Die, by the way.

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