Monday, 25 February 2013

23/02/2013 - Adventure Time

I can't wait for a weekend where we have nothing to do! Seriously. I don't think that will come until October...but still. Some rest would be nice!

I wish I could transfer some of our weekend stuff to during the week, as at least I'd have something to talk about Monday to Friday!

Ah well. We did get a lie in this morning, which was nice! And kitty cuddles which were alsp lovely!

Then it was time to brave the big bad wide world and take a trip overseas! Well...river. And techincally we went under it. Ferry Cross the Mersey?! PAH! Tunnel under the Mersey is definitely the way to go! We went to The Wirral. Capital T, capital W. A place called Heswall to be exact.

We went to see a travel agent friend of ours to discuss our little getaway after our wedding. Honeymoon will wait until next year (so we can save some more and make it super awesome) so a few days somewhere in Europe perhaps might be nice to escape the post wedding craziness!

The travel agent wasn't on the high street or anything - it was in a little room in a cottagy-barn type location. Very gorgeous and old.

There were chickens. Lots of chickens. Roaming the car park!

Pretty brown chicken.

Brave black chicken!

Where the chickens hang out!

 Noisy bastard. He had a LOT to say!

We did our weekly supermarket shop whilst in that neck of the woods (and also looked for the place I'm having my hair and make up trial next week) then ventured back to the 'safe' side of the water, whilst laughing at Siri's pronounciation of places and road names! Never fails to amuse!

Toll booths. £1.50!! It's an outrage! I don't actually know if it's an outrage as I haven't actually been to The Wirral very often before so I don't know if that's expensive or not!

 It's the way of Kings, apparently. It didn't seem very Regal. In fact, it was a bit scary, if I'm honest!

See you on the other side...I hope...

We survived and made it home, even though it was snowing everso slightly. Thank goodness that didn't last!

We did epic amounts of washing up - we use a LOT of mugs apparently, then I pottered about whilst Paul made us a roast pork dinner!

Pre-gravy and apple sauce. Roast pork with a honey/mustard/soy glaze with roast root vegetable mash, sage & onion stuffing, brocolli and green beans. DELICIOUS.

Absolutely exhausted.

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