Monday, 25 February 2013

24/02/2013 - Posh Hotels and Party Time!

Today was a very fun Sunday! Even though I miss lying around all day, being very lazy and doing sweet F A all day, at least today we had another reason to leave the house...

Yes. Two days running, we got up and did things! Aren't you impressed?!

We took a trip to a posh hotel not far from where we're getting married to have a little look at the rooms to see whether we want to stay there before the wedding. I'm not going to lie: it's expensive. So we wanted to know if it would be worth paying all that money for.

The reception seating area.

The view from the reception seating area.

The verdict? Yes. Yes it is worth spending a lot of money on this hotel! The room we have asked to be reserved for us for the night before the wedding and the night after is a good size to get dolled up in I think. It's quite fancy and so we'll feel suitably spoilt as newlyweds! There's a spa there as well so we're hoping to get a treatment thrown in...fingers crossed!

From there, we took a journey over to the village where we're getting married to see how long it took. 20 minutes or so, it seems, in Sunday traffic. It means we're going to have to think about the car situation as I think it's a bit far for the camper van to do two trips...unless the bridesmaids want to hang out in the local pub whilst waiting for me and my Dad to arrive...

Actually, they'll probably be well up for it!

It is shut on a Sunday, but this is the main gate to our wedding venue! It's not the building you can see either. It's even further down that gorgeous long driveway! It's going to look so beautiful in September, even when it does rain!

From there, we took at trip over to see my lovely Maid of Honour Lucy and her family and friends to celebrate her little 'un's 2nd birthday! YAY!

Before I re-introduce you to the gorgeousness that is A, you should meet Lucy and Chris's first 'baby', their springer spaniel, Bella!

 This is possibly the best trained dog I have ever met! Plus, she is so pretty and lovely!

Bella and I having a cuddle. Not even love and belly rubs would get her to give that bloomin' ball up though! It's like Barney and Da Bird!

So from there we went to the local social club just on the end of their street to see the star of today's show!


 Everyone, meet A! Couldn't you just eat her up?! She's going to be the most precious little flower girl, she'll steal the attention from me! Which I'm fine with, FYI!


I love how disgruntled she looks at her cousin on the left, who is trying to get her to blow out her candles!


"IT'S MY CAKE, MUMMY! ALL MINE!" She really does take after her daddy!


Classy bird, just like her Mummy! ;)

After we'd salvaged some cake from A's surprisingly strong little grasp, we headed home to chill before heading to bed. Sunday nights are so depressing.

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