Thursday, 28 March 2013

27/03/2013 - Seriously...more snow?!

It's nearly the end of March. So why in the name of Maia is it snowing again?

Before the shoddy attempts at snow falling pics, this is the lovely sight that sent me to work:

My handsome boys!

I'm still in a lot of pain with the whole stupid rib polava, so I got another ride to work while the snow was still lightly falling.

Another mental day, but watching the snow fall was oddly calming...

Those white dots on the ground? Snow. You can't really see it falling, but it is. It didn't get much worse than this, thank goodness, even though it was snowing lightly most of the day.

Managed to make it through the day, which was good as it was time for a much needed #Whedonsday! Spag Bol, garlic bread and Angel on the tellybox? Lovely evening!

I lit some candles.'s free light. And stuff that's free? We likes it!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

26/03/203 - Still full of the ouchies

I knew I'd have a bad night's sleep. I even propped myself up on a spare duvet so I wasn't lying flat.

If you don't know why, check out yesterday's post. It explains it all.

Still, time waits for no man, so hi ho, it was off to work I went. Wait, that doesn't work.

The only picture I took today was of the state of things on my desk.

That paperwork is not going down. Thank goodness we're still hoping to have a newbie start on Tuesday!

The lovely Paul came to pick me up from work as walking is still a difficulty (with the whole painful breathing sitch) and we settled in to watching last night's tv extravaganza.

How I Met Your Mother was good - we know that Ted will meet the mother in 45 days (spoiler to those of you who are behind...but meh, it's also a cliffhanger for you!)

Castle was excellent. A very good episode, especially given that it focused on someone other than Nathan know...I love.

Hawaii 5-0 was also very good. I do enjoy that show far more than I thought I would. Possibly because it's full of pretty people. Just like the last show I watched filmed in Hawaii...I miss you, Lost...

Paul then watched the England match and I went to bed to read for a bit. Far more comfortable up there than anywhere else. Propped up with pillows. It's a good as it's going to get I guess!

25/03/2013 - *insert pain noises here*

I woke up at around 2am and I couldn't breathe. It hurt. A lot. It felt like I was being stabbed in the chest and back. I couldn't lie down as it made it worse.

I got up and took my inhaler. Couldn't breathe in enough to get a full dose. Had a pint of water. Still no joy.

My discomfort woke Paul who was on the verge of calling an ambulance but I sent him for paracetamol instead.

I couldn't lie down and go back to sleep so I propped myself up on cushions and pillows and tried to get back to sleep. Failed.

Word to the wise, readers. Do not google symptoms. Doctor Google told me I had excessive heartburn. Or I might have been having a heart attack. I might have pleurisy. Or lung cancer.

Yeah. Scary stuff.

I managed to fall back asleep (not aided by Maia, the LOUDEST. SNORER. EVER) but did not want to get up with the alarm at 6.30am. Mostly because getting up hurt. I could bearly draw breath, so was having to take little breaths where possible. Not good.

Paul drove me to work as I wasn't confident I could walk the distance. The pain was awful. I had to go to work though as it's going to be the craziest 4 days in working history due to all the changes in our industry next week. I have no idea what it all means, but I know we're in a mad dash to get everything sorted before then.

I got quite a lot done, but we were being hindered by various people NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT WE WERE TELLING THEM. Urgh.

Paul insisted on taking me to the NHS walk-in centre, and was backed up by my line manager (I should think of a nickname for him...hmmm...) so come 5pm, Paul was outside in the car ready to drive me. I was expecting it to be jam packed. It wasn't! Success.

I saw a lovely nurse man who had amazing hazel green eyes. He took my temp and my blood pressure (which is slightly high...uh oh) and then had a listen to my chest. Nothing. He asked me to take a deep breath and I couldn't. He squeezed my ribs. I nearly punched him. He squeezed my sternum. I might have cursed rather loud.

Turns out I have something called Costocondritis, which is an inflamation in the ribs. Can be caused by a virus but was most likely caused by my painting. The good news is that it's not a chest infection or any of Doctor Google's suggestions. The bad news - there's naff all they can do to make me better! I should take ibruprofen but I can't as I'm athsmatic. So I have to take regular codeine and grin and bear it.

My new best friends.

I'm also not allowed to exercise until the pain has been gone for a week. I can't do any heavy lifting or exaggerated movement.

Yeah. All that housework I said I needed to do yesterday. I can't do it. Hmmm. I have to do it. We have visitors a week on Friday. Not. Good. Will have to sit and point while Paul does it. Waste of man-power.

Caroline is not impressed. Just so you know.

24/03/2013 - Hobby becoming obsession

The only free weekend day for a while, so I should take it easy, right? Nope. Not me! I allowed myself a little lie in though.'s the rules!

Maia decided to join me under the covers for a snuggle. Also appreciate the cuteness that are my polka-dot pajamas. Yes, they are awesome. It's bloomin' freezing at the moment, and these pjs are toasty warm!

Barney judges my choice in sleep attire.

I painted the whole shower room today. I didn't take any pictures for some reason. Probably because I was covered in paint! Hopefully it will look a bazillion times better now, after all the work on it this week!

I then went upstairs to clean the other bathroom. Yes I have 2. Aren't I posh?! I love this bathroom just a tiny bit more, because it was a dump when I moved in, and while it's not finished yet, I just love the colour!

My bathroom has a feature all of pistachio green. I love it so much! It compliments the horrible lino on the floor that I'm too lazy to replace (because it could be worse, right?!) and it's just a pretty colour!

See - pretty colour!

I need to accessorise this room as it literally has the suite in it and that's it! It need cabinets, towel rails etc. It's ensuite to our spare room, so I try to make it pretty for any guests that we have (not that we have that many) but it's pretty much the cat's bathroom. Their litter tray is in here (but doesn't colour co-ordinate...damn you, Pets At Home) and Barney loves sitting in the sink!

By the time I've finished making this room as gorgeous as a bathroom can be, it will be time to move out, so I'm reluctant to spend a lot of money on it...but some is acceptable. After the wedding I guess.

I'm pleased with my week's work. The house is starting to be vaguely more acceptable now. Apart from the spare room which looks like a dumping ground. Which in theory, it has become! Need to tidy that this week...and do ironing...and clean the living room and utility rooms...hoover the stairs...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

23/03/2013 - New and exciting things!

No rest for the wicked. Today we were up and out the door! A trip to see my lovely friend and Maid of Honour, Lucy, was in order! I wanted to see my bridesmaid dresses, damnit!

Sorry, guys and gals, I won't be posting any spoiler pics on here of those either. Especially as one of the bridesmaids hasn't actually seen her dress in the flesh yet!

The colour wasn't exactly what we had hoped for, but it's not a horrible colour, so can live with it! The joys of internet shopping! We will need to tweak things here and there I think, but nothing really major.

Whilst Lucy was trying on her dress, her gorgeous little girl (who is also in the wedding party) wanted to be a princess too and put a pretty frock on! Well, who am I to say no?! This isn't her bridesmaid dress, by the way...but she looks too cute not to show you!


 Isn't she just adorable! :)

Bella also wanted to say hello to you all. I love this doggie so much!


So does A! Big huggles all around!

We got a surprise breakfast made for us by Lucy (with Paul's able assistance) so I babysat...


Yep. Not sure I'm the best influence on A. :)

After breakfast was enjoyed, we made the decision that it's going to be a regular occurrence. YAY! We gots ourselves our very own breakfast club! I'm far more excited about having this than a regular night out! God, I'm getting old!

From Lucy's we popped back home and then headed out to the train station for our next big adventure. We got the train to Chester!

I have never been to Chester before, so I was very excited.

See how excited I am!

Paul was also really up for the road rail trip!

Our reason for going to Chester was to go and look at wedding rings! We had been speaking to a jeweller at a wedding fair a few weeks ago, and they had kindly given us a leaflet for 10% discount. WELL...considering how much this wedding is costing us, 10% discount anywhere is very welcome indeed!

The chap we spoke to (who had amazingly fluffy eyebrows) was very helpful and helped me choose the right band to match my wedding ring. Sadly, as my engagement ring is an awkward shape, they have to send it off with the wedding band so they can shape it to fit. WAAAAA! I hate being without my engagement ring! I feel naked without it! :( :( :(

Then onto Paul. He was very specific about what he wants, and luckily for us, it's simple and effective!

This isn't it, by the way. It's just the only picture I could sneakily take while the chap was doing some maths!

We left the shop, burning a hole in my credit card on the way out, but at least that's another thing done! It's probably going to be 3-4 weeks until I get my engagement ring back though. I AM SO SAD.

Paul, upon hearing me whinge, moan and complain, took me into M&S and bought me a temporary replacement! :)

My £12.50 engagement ring. It's platinum plated's a ring. They only had 2 small sized rings to choose from and this was the best of a bad bunch. It's pretty I guess. Just not as my engagement ring!

I realised that it's just over a year since I was first without my engagement ring and we went to get it re-sized! I got a replacement then as well! I have no idea what happened to that ring. I think I prefer this one though! Obviously neither are a patch on the real one! Just checked back and I didn't take any pics of the other replacement. That's how much I liked it. It was a bad time though, so we'll just move on!

After milling around Chester, which is a beautiful place, and I wish I had taken more pictures but it was Saturday afternoon and I had very little in the way of battery left, we headed to Abakhan, a fabric shop, to try to find some ribbon to match the bridemaid dress sash on Annabel's dress. We couldn't. We found some material which matched the main fabric, so we bought some of that as reference for anyone who wants reference! We then headed back to the train station, but on the way, stopped for a sneaky beverage at a bar call Kash near the train station. Paul loves it.


Here we both are, enjoying a beer called Spänk. *teehee* which was very nice. It was here we designed our wedding invitations. If it comes off as planned, they are going to be AWESOME!

We're probably a little behind with that, but as we're making them ourselves, we should be ok. I hope!

We headed home after a few siplets of Spänk, and settled in for the night, watching 'Taken' on Blu-ray! Paul headed off to bed not long after. I discovered that 'The Time Travellers Wife' was on Channel 4, so decided to stay up and watch it. I love the book, so thought I'd give the movie a go.

I liked it. I was sad that they missed some bits out but still bawled like a baby at the end! I don't think I've cried that much at a movie in a while!

I wasn't alone watching the film. I had company...   

Barney & Maia both decided that Mummy was the perfect place to come and curl up! Barney NEVER comes to cuddle me, so this was amazing! I love having a duvet on the sofa, and I think the cats do to.

I could not get them to move though. Seriously. Dead weight! It got to about 12:50am when I couldn't take being awake any more and had to kick them off me so I could go to bed! It was a conflict of feelings - Barney cuddles (which I may never get again) or sleep in my comfy bed?!

22/03/2013 - Flippin' Freezin' Friday

 Nice early wake up this morning after a terrible night's sleep. Just what we needed. Hmph. Still, Paul had to get to Manchester for daft o'clock, so we did what we needed to do.

Especially as this was the view outside our house. (taken when the sun had risen as the flash ballsed up the first pic!)

Yup. That snow we were promised had arrived. And as you can imagine, it didn't put me in the best of moods to start the day!

It wasn't too bad though, I guess, so I made it to work no problem. My office was like a sauna though!

 It's snowing outside and I have the window open. That's how I roll!

The lovely and very generous Beanie Man provided my lunch today. I don't think business was particularly good as we got a LOT of food from him.

By far, the best bit was the muffin I got. Seeded wholemeal carrot muffin. It's possibly the best muffin I have ever eaten. Especially as there was a cream cheese icing slither right through the middle!


Work was a horrible day. Awful. Actually had a panic attack part-way through the day as it was all getting to me. Getting no help to correct AssHat's mistakes and then getting grief that it's not happening quick enough. WHAT CAN I DO?!

I looked forward to getting home, back to the DIY!

No gross pics today! YAY!

The primed wall looked good and ready to be painted some more! I checked the peel status of more of the paint and it seemed fairly secure. So it's time for the next layer!

I bought a small tin of damp sealing paint. Basically it hides any stains on the wall from where there had been damp, and allows the plaster to breathe easier underneath it, so it shouldn't go mouldy again.

It will...but hopefully it will last a while before it happens!

It was like painting with treacle. It was stodgy and actually really difficult!

Yay! It covered the under-mirror marks! The green tinge in these pictures is the light coming through the shower screen behind me.

Doesn't look too bad, does it?!

I just hope it dries 'matt' as I'm not keen on shiny walls in such a confined space. We shall see what it looks like for perhaps a coat of bathroom paint at the weekend!

Quite pleased with my handiwork I have to say!

I was rewarded with dinner from Paul. Chilli with brown rice, crushed nachos and cheese. A bit naughty. A lot nice!

OH! I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TELL YOU! The bridesmaid dresses arrived today! So we're heading over to Lucy's tomorrow morning to go and check them out! Keep your fingers crossed that they are perfect, guys!

21/03/2013 - More DIY

My day was the same as it ever is. Busy. Dull. Etc etc. One day I'll be able to talk about good days in work, right?! RIGHT?!

For a change, I went out at lunch time! Crazy, right?! I wemt to the local B&Q to pick up supplies for the next stage of my bathroom decoation evening entertainment!

Paul came and met me, and we picked up some supplies. He also brought me a salad so I had a decent lunch! Isn't he lovely?!

Ham, giant couscous, olive and cheese salad. It was delish. Honest!

Whilst enjoying my salad, I perused the weather for the rest of the week. My face fell.


I am not impressed with this weather. As you all know, I HATE SNOW.

Whinge whinge, moan moan.

Anyway, managed to finish work on time, and so headed home to crack on with making my shower room a less mingy place to be!


The shower room still looks a million times better than it did yesterday. Even with bits of paint already flaked off due to the spray of the bleach stuff. Sometimes it's better to see that than it being all black and flakey.

Anyway, one thing I forgot to do yesterday was remove the cheap mirror that I have on the wall in there. That itself is suffering with being in a constantly damp room. The edges are blackening but at least you can still see your reflection. It was only cheap so I may well get another one just so it looks a bit better. However, that's a nice to have, not a need to have. I don't need to spend that money right now. I just want to!

I was afraid of removing the mirror. Not because I was scared I would break it, but because I was scared what I might find behind it!

More ickydampness. Admittedly, not as bad as I thought it would be, so that's a plus point, right?!

I cleaned that up and let it dry whilst I set to brushing the wall for any loose paint. Yep, it's oddly addictive, peeling paint off! Some of it didn't want to budge, which I took as a good sign!

I then cleaned the wall down again in preparation for the next stage.

 This is when I realised that it wasn't a line of bad paint on my wall. It was a nice crack. FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC.

It's a good job I enjoy polyfilla-ing up cracks in walls! You'd think I'd have been more excited to see it. Yeah. No. More work!

I made a small amount of 'primer' (for want of a better word) to cover the bare plaster. I think I did 4 parts paint to 2 parts water. It's probably wrong, and someone will comment on my blog and shout at me, but I did some research and because it's not new plaster, it doesn't need as much priming.

I hope it read it correctly... I'm a bit scared now.

Anyway, I went over the bare plaster, and then realising I had made too much, and didn't want it to go to waste, I pretty much painted the whole wall. With a tiny paintbrush. Nothing like making things difficult for myself, right?!

Already looking better, eh?! Although I don't think I left the mould spray on the bit under the mirror for long enough...hmmm. Couldn't see that in person. Oh well, it should all be fine, as tomorrow's work will make it all better.

I hope.

I suck at DIY!

20/03/2013 - Not for the faint-hearted

Crazy busy Wednesday at work. I hate those, don't you?! It's all very tense and stressful.We interviewed a lady for the secretary role in our office and have a couple more interviews this week. Fingers crossed one of them wants to come and work with us to ease the pressure which is on everyone...but mostly me... :)

No #Whedonsday tonight as Chris had family commitments. It's cool. I'd made a date of my own. A rather gross date.

Warning: If you are easily offended by gross things, then I wouldn't read the rest of this post.

Guys, I own an old house. It was built in approximately 1890. It's an end terrace which is surrounded by alleyway. It's open to every element you can imagine. The people who built my house didn't have access to all the awesome insulation etc that is available today for all the new builds. So, as you can imagine, it's not necessarily the driest of houses.

My downstairs shower-room is riddled with damp. Whoever added this room on really didn't think about what they were doing. When they fitted the boiler, they left a gaping hole in the brickwork on the outside of the house where they fitted the vent. As we haven't had a decent summer for approximately EVER (hmph) I haven't been confident that the brickwork etc is dry enough to try to block back in.

Needless to say, I have unwelcome growths in my shower room. The ventilation is not amazing in there. It gets damp. It stays damp. It get mouldy.

Also, the person who painted my house was a complete dumbass novice and painted directly onto bare plaster without prepping it first. So the paint just peels right off. FANTASTIC, EH?!

Just a small example of the grossness in my shower room. Don't worry about the wet walls - that was me. I will come to that in a sec.

It makes me feel sick, knowing that I live with this. Well. I had a free evening, so armed with some mould spray I picked up in B&Q, I set to to attack the buggers and clean that sh*t off my walls!

The first coat did not work. The second coat did not work. I was not a happy bunny!

Luckily for me, I found some stuff that I had bought a little while back in Lakeland. Guys, this stuff is AMAZING.

Works like a charm!

Aren't the after pictures wonderful?! I wiped the walls down and they were white again!

This room needs far more work. Other than blocking up the gaping gap at the rear of the house, I need to remove the peeling paint (which is a guilty pleasure I guess), prep the bare plaster a little, put a layer of damp seal paint and then repaint the room.

Good job I like painting then, isn't it?!

Thursday, 21 March 2013

19/03/2013 - Tasty Tuesday

Another day and the same old same old. We were short staffed today, and lucky for me it was only myself and my line manager in! Normally people wouldn't like that, but I get on with my manager. He also has very good taste in music, so we got to put the tunes on while we performed an audit on a few files. YAWN!

Silly Cagga forgot her glasses this morning, so I made Paul wander round with them so I didn't get a dodgy headache. It turns out I had forgotten my lunch as well! Bless my darling fiance for bringing it for me!

My delicious mexican snack pot. Mmm. Although I am eating a lot of sweet potato at the moment. And a lot of mexican food. Hmmmm.

Another late night at work whilst finishing off our audit. It was quite dull and scary.

Then home to catch up on How I Met Your Mother, Castle and Hawaii Five-0. Fun fun fun. Although I was VERY sleepy and tried to keep myself awake by flicking through some wedding magazines. Didn't really work.

To bed I must go...

18/03/2013 - Mopey Monday

Today marks the anniversary of the passing of my Grandfather, who died a year ago today.

I'm not going to go over old ground again, as it's still very sad, so if you want to read my post on him, you can read last year's here.

Anyway. Work was...guess what...BUSY! What's new?!

I did get to leave early though, as I had a nice check up to go to at the doctors, as I had a nice note on my repeat prescription that they wouldn't give me any more medicine until I went.

Turns out, I didn't need to go after all. I'm not due in until June. So why did they call me in? To tell me I can only have 1 inhaler a time, rather than the 2 I have been getting for years. Bloody Government cuts.

£7.65 per item, the current NHS charge. I have to get 3 things a month. My poor wallet. I know we are luckier than other countries, so I shouldn't grumble. Still...WAAAAA!

My sadly smaller bag than usual from the chemist. Still, at least I'm still flyin', right?

The rest of the afternoon was a bit blah. I stayed at work late to get the AssHat off my case, as he's asking for loads of stuff to be sent over to him, which he was too lazy to sort himself before he left, and apparently I have to do it as we don't want to give him access to our system.

Came home and chilled. It was nice!

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

17/03/2013 - Happy St Patrick's Day!

However, as I am not irish, I won't be discussing this! Hope any irish readers had a good time! :)

So...where was I...oh yes!

We all woke up. And we were all fine! YAY! All the tea and cake we consumed must have made everything right in the world, as seriously, not even one hangover! Considering the mix of drinks, this is very surprising!

Sue was awake before me, which was even more surprising!

We were sitting and talking and then all of a sudden she noticed these our four-poster bed!

There was one of these rings on ever pillar. I can take a guess as to what they are there for. Sue's mind went somewhere else entirely! **cough**Christian Grey**cough**

I mentioned the shower yesterday. Here it is.

 It's fancy, no? Those swinging saloon doors were very ornate. Just one tiny problem. They didn't close all the way. There was a gap of about an inch between them! RIGHT INTO THE SHOWER!

This is the view from the shower into our room.

 Yep! Nowhere to hide! It's a good job Sue and I have been friends a long time! You should bear in mind that we had it lucky! Some people didn't have much cover over their shower at all!

Anyway, how gorgeous is our room?! I'm sure you've all noticed the bath?

I think if we'd been away for a weekend as a couple, I would have been tempted to use this bath! It was so deep and looked amazing! This weekend, however...not so much. If there was nowhere to hide in the shower, then in the bath, it's a complete show and tell!

Yup, it was right at the bottom of the bed! I mean, if you were putting a bath in a room, where else would you put it?!

Some of the other rooms had the bath right in the window!!!

After a lovely breakfast of sausages, bacon and beans (and pastries for the vegetarians) we packed up and prepared to head off. It didn't take long to tidy up at all. How many people can say that after a hen party?!

One last view of the cottage. It was so beautiful. I really hope to go back again one day as it was just...ahhhhh!

I managed to wangle a lift back to the in-laws from Sue's soon to be sister-in-law, and hoped to have a nap. No such luck!

Maia had missed me, which was nice. Barney was being delicious as ever. They love that house. Getting them out of it is a nightmare. Barney will generally get into his box no problem. Maia will hide in the most awkward place possible and make lots of noises of her dislike at me when I try to remove her. In this instance, she wedged herself behind a table, under a radiator. Great.

When we got home, it was time for relaxation. And a movie. We watched Big Fish which is one of my favourite movies ever.

Probably because it's a lovely story mixed with a fantastical imagination, but it and me were meant to be friends. Apart from the giraffes. I could live without those!

Bed time came, and I had to grab a few bits from my case. The worst part of going away is the unpacking. I found these inside!

Hand me down Hen Party banners! I must have been gifted them when I wasn't looking, as my do is next! Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

16/03/2013 - The day after the night before...

Two hours sleep. Maybe 3 at a pinch. That was all I got. Why? Because all those shots didn't sit to pretty with the lovely bride-to-be. She was a tad sick. Actually, that's an understatement. She used to be bad at uni but this was the worst I have ever seen her.

Everyone was ropey. I don't think there was a single clear head in the cottage. EXCEPT MINE! :D I was only bleary due to lack of sleep!

Sue couldn't keep anything down, whether it were water, tea or dry toast, so I put her in the shower (more on that tomorrow!) and hoped that would help her feel a little more human. It sort of worked.

Our first pit stop of the day was to a really well hidden building about 20 minutes away from our cottages.

We were going Go Karting!

I have never been go karting before and I was kinda terrified! It was actually quite scary as well! Yes, it was fun, but my goodness is it hard work! My arms don't get that good a workout at the gym!

The first time we were in the karts, we did 50 laps of the circuit to get used to the karts and to see how fast our lap times were to put us into groups of similarly timed people.

The second time was race to dawn! I am quite pleased with my ranking in our group of six, to say I don't drive and have never go karted before! Oh, and I had only slept for 2 hours and had aches in my elbow where I broke it the other year!

Well done me! Are you guys proud of me?!

After we had celebrated the karting (Sue's sister in law came first, Sue second and her friend Claire third) we headed back to the cottage to set up the next part of the day!

Unfortunately for Sue but fortunately for us, Sue was rather unwell all the way home and kept having to be sick! The 20 minute journey took her a good 45, if not more! It meant we didn't have to shut her out of the room for as long.

We had afternoon tea! Aren't we fancy?! It was lovely! Sue's sister, Mum and Aunts made cakes and sandwiches for us all, and collected teapots so we could enjoy various different flavour brews! It was lovely!

I'm just sad I didn't take a picture of the finished table as it looked amazing!

Sue did have to be sick again before she came in and saw the table. And many times after seeing it, poor thing. Perhaps all that tea and those cakes were not the best site for someone who felt so rough!

Our room was just off the kitchen so after a few bathroom visits, we came to the agreement that she would go to bed for a few hours, take some paracetamol and try to sleep it off a little. It meant we could clear up a little as well before getting ready for the evening's fun.

Sure enough, she slept for about 90 minutes and came out a whole new woman! She drank tea and ate some leftover sandwiches and kept them down! It was a miracle!

Quite a few people went off to get some sleep. I tried to doze on the sofa but sadly wasn't able to. I figured it best to leave Sue to sleep by herself.

When everyone got up it was time to reveal to Sue what she would be dressing in that evening.

Any guesses? The moustache is a good look for her, no?

This might be a better clue:

Bonjour, tout le monde! Je m'appelle Caroline!

Yes, we were getting dressed up as 'french' girls. This is the french stereotype in the UK. Apparently it's not the stereotype everywhere though, as the portuguese lady who was with us had no idea! wouldn't be a hen party without a sash and a tacky veil now, would it?!

Everyone joined in!

We headed into York and had various italian tasters around the city. We were also given tasks to do...

Yeah. I did none of these. I really am a spoil sport. A few people got involved. I preferred to take pictures. However I won't be sharing those with you all! I haven't showed the bride yet!

We headed off to a bar where we had a section reserved for us to sit in. There we enjoyed some sparkling wine, some cocktails (served in Cuban teapots...random but awesome) and some rum shooters, which were delicious!

Our taxi arrived at 1am and we headed back to the cottage...and devoured the leftover mexican treats from Friday night! CLASSY!

Headed to bed with a smile on our faces. Would they last? Well...

To be continued...