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02/03/2013 - Getting my pretty on

Today I had my wedding hair and make up trial. If you don't like girly posts or pictures of me, then this really isn't the post for you. There are a lot of pictures of me. Well, it's my blog, so why not?! I took most of them myself as well!

I would like to know your thoughts though!

SO! I had to go quite a long way for my hair and make up trial, but hoping it's worth it!

I'm putting this out there, world. This is me, sans make up. Sans hair product. Just Cagga and her curls. I may change my mind and make this an artist interpretation if this image appears on a search page. Hmmm. Will test that.


This is the after:


She used air-brush HD make up which sprays on and allegedly lasts all day. I will best testing that theory!

What do you guys think?! I have to wear more make up than usual for the wedding to show up in pictures and look flawless etc. I'm not convinced on the brows...not in this pic anyway.

After the 3 hours in the salon, I had to make my way back over to the right side of the water to go get ready for a night on the town. Because I wasn't going to waste this face at home ironing on a Saturday night!

I had just missed the train. I had to wait just under an hour for the next one. In this dingy shelter.

I think I'm glad I don't have a sense of smell. This place probably did not smell so good.

I must have looked riduculous sat in that disgusting shelter with my face and hair all done up! Especially at 2.30pm on a Saturday afternoon!

Still, the make up looks nice in the sunlight, right? Less...waxwork...than the pics in the salon, do you think?

Yes, the hair has already dropped but I think it's acceptable.

When I eventually got back to Liverpool, I went over to Ms Gray's house to have a cuppa and a natter before getting dressed up to go out. I allowed her to dress me for the evening. I was a little afraid. To be fair, she chose a dress that I would not have ever chosen to wear, but with heels, a skinny belt and my black jacket, I walked with confidence...or as much as I could without showing the whole of Liverpool City Centre my backside. It is quite a short dress.

No pics taken of that. Phew.

 My lovely KoKo. She's writing an original piece for the wedding reading. I'm both excited and scared in equal proportions.

We went for Italian tapas at Pesto, and ordered probably 1 dish too many. Enjoyed a jug of cocktail called Lecca Lecca (which apparently is italian for lollipop) and then moved on to a bar called Palm Sugar. It's not a typical KoKo and CaCa drinking spot, but we were all pretty so why not go for a G&T or two.

It wasn't what we expected. Fairly nice evening. Both of us wanted to stay out and go dancing, but both of us where shattered! So we both got taxis and were home by midnight!

So old!

How did the make up and hair last, I hear you ask?


Here I am, in the bathroom mirror after I got home. I think the answer is pretty well! I could see in the mirror that it was starting to come off, but in the pictures you can't tell. I had re-applied darker lipstick in the evening, because I wasn't convinced of the colour my make up artist had used, but overall I think it's a winner!

Will have to put some thought into the hair though, as I was conscious all day that it was slipping down. I will need to email them once they send my quote with some queries as to what we can do different so it's more secure.

Any thoughts, readers?

 If you had any douby as to how much make up was on my face at bedtime, see the make up removers utilised in the cleansing of my face!

Attractive, huh?! I think there might have been one more after that!

And in bringing the hair down, I collected one or two pins out of my mane...

No wonder my hair was slipping - how can these few hold up all my crazy wig?! I have heavy hair!

So there you go. Beauty stuff kinda done! Which is nice.

Quite fancy another gin and tonic now...

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