Monday, 4 March 2013

03/03/2013 - When did my life become only about the wedding?!

When I woke up this morning I couldn't open my eyes.

Not because I was still drunk or anything...because the false eyelashes got fused into my own and my eyes were actually stuck together!

So with a bit of effort and some posh eye make up remover, I set to removing them. I had hoped they might last at least one more day, but when I eventually got my eyes open some fell out, it was probaby for the best that I get them all gone.

They're quite scary little things, aren't they? Like little spiders. 

Lucky for us we got to have a lazy morning. Batney decided to join Paul for some chill out time before we headed out for a bit.

What can I say - that boy loves his Daddy! Also check out the claws on that paw! No wonder I have scratches on my hand, right?! Also BELLY DOTS!

We had made plans to go to a wedding fair over the water (AGAIN! 3 times in 2 weekends!) and meet friends C&D who are getting married at the venue where the fair was being held.

Apparently England's finest gardens are in Cheshire. Didn't see any...but maybe it's the wrong time of year!

I didn't take any pics at the fair because there are people that read this blog who will be at C&D's wedding, and I don't want to spoil it for them to get the wow factor. It's beautiful, though! :)

After some lunch with C&D and wedding chat, we headed home and decided to put a film on while we had a little go at organising a seating plan for the wedding if everyone we invite turns up.

Yeah - that's not an easy job. If it is for you, then please let me know your secret! We don't want to keep people in their cliques, we want to mix people up and get talking. I'm sure we'll change it round closer to the time once we know who cannot make it!

We were both still full from lunch, so vegetated for the rest of the evening, watching Almost Famous. It's a great movie. I'm a big fan. 

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