Sunday, 10 March 2013

09/03/2013 - Cheesilicious

After a right proper rotten week, we enjoyed a lie in  this morning. Much deserved and very much appreciated. Especially when your 2 1/2 year old cat decided that it was the perfect morning to practice his pillow marching technique behind your head at 4am, then find where he hides all his purrs, and lie between you and your partner's heads, purring his little heart out!


It would have been nice to have been lazy all day and stay in bed catching up on blog feeds or watching a movie, but alas, it was not to be. We had an appointment to keep.

We were going to discuss our wedding cake! WHOOP!

However, in a twist to the norm (although not so uncommon any more) we are not having a 'cake' wedding cake. Don't get me wrong, we like cake a lot. We will be providing various flavour cakes to accompany the coffee, but wedding cakes are expensive. Our wedding is already expensive enough. Trust me, I just added up the current total. OUCH!

Even a really simple plain Marks & Spencer iced wedding cake is £250! FOR CAKE!

So we're going for cheese. Yes, you heard me. A cheese cake.

We went to visit the Liverpool Cheese Company in Woolton Village (visit their website here) and discussed our favourite cheeses with the owners and worked out how we can structure the 'cake' so it looks like a wedding cake! Plus, we got to sample some cheese, which is a winner in our book!


Some beautiful stinky brie to salivate over. I also liked the little toy mouse at the front! Being a cat owner, I do enjoy when other people have toy mouseys in places! Granted theirs is for a different reason but still!

 Here is our working sample. Yes, that's a lot of cheese! That's not even all of it! But doesn't it look ace?!

Turns out that cheese and all the trimmings...not that much cheaper than cake! HOWEVER it will form part of our evening food selection so we don't need to cater for as many people then. Which will bring that cost down, therefore making cheese a far more cost effective option than cake!

So we signed up for it! If you're coming to our wedding, you lucky so and so's, please eat the cheese! It was hand picked by us for you! There's 10kg of cheese to get through!

We got to bring samples of most of our chosen cheese home, for no extra cost! HAPPY PAUL AND CAGGA!

We came home, all pleased with ourselves, and decided that there was no better way to celebrate another thing ticked off the wedding to do list than to sit around being lazy for the rest of the day, carrying on from where we left off in Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers! :)

We had dinner, still watching Lord of the Rings, and completely forgot about our cheese samples. OOPS.

Ah well...there's always tomorrow for lunch, right?

So yeah. We're getting there! It's just a shame that everything costs money. COME ON, LOTTERY WIN!

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