Tuesday, 12 March 2013

10/03/2013 - Sunday Bloomin' Sunday

Didn't really do much today. Other than the ironing I had planned on doing for a while, of course. All I seem to do is iron, anyone else noticed that?!

It's Mothering Sunday here in the UK today, so I did the obligatory call to Mummy H as well. I'm a good daughter, me!

This is a pic of Mummy H, with a glass of wine, taken a few years ago. Of course. Because they go together so well! :) Also a sneak peek of what may possibly be my 'something blue' at our wedding! :) :)

Anyway, as today pretty much consisted of me doing naff-all, I shall show you pictures of the lovely Mothers' Day cuddle I got from Maia. Which then turned into me taking pictures of some of my favourite bits of Maia! :)

Maia showing off her ginger belly. Aint it cute?!

Maia's belly button, which she likes to show off proudly to the world! :)

Maia's gorgeous green eyes, pretty pink nose and wonderful white smile!

Possibly my favourite bit of Maia, though, is her ginger toes! It's only these two but they are SO ADORABLE!

Of course, this post couldn't all just be about Maia, could it? A little interloper decided to make his presence known while the cuddles were being enjoyed! He does love to crawl under the laptop tray!


  1. She does love her belly button doesn't she?? can you kiss it??

  2. now this is just bizzare. Your comments are really wonky. I follow you through my google reader. When I click on the link of the post it brings me here but no side bar, and I have two comment boxes. I type in only one, I hit publish only once, and poof, my comment goes in twice.

    I'm then 'transported' to the full website where the side bar shows up. But I don't see any comments (I used to see a little box with the number of comments on a post) and when I view a post there is no comment box, nor any way to view past comments... it is like they don't exist.

    *shrug* So if you replied to any of my other comments lately, I have no idea what they are cause I can't see them! :(

  3. oh great. now that I complain, look, this one only shows up once, so does the first one (when it had been showing twice) and I can see all the older comments..

    *shrug* maybe your blog doesn't like me ;)

  4. The belly dots have bamboozled your computer's ability to comment! :) I don't see replies either, unless I'm doing some stalking of the comments!

    And yes, I can kiss her belly! Especially when she's sleepy! Like right now! *kisses Maia's belly for Connie!*

  5. :) I hope she had good dreams because of those kisses