Wednesday, 13 March 2013

12/03/2013 - A Visit from the Bossmen

Eventful Tuesday.

I woke up and did NOT want to go to the gym. However, as soon as I said to Paul I wasn't going, I got gym guilt and promptly changed my mind. I had no good reason not to go so off we went! I did feel better for it I suppose!

Today the Practice Manager for the entire firm and one of the Partners came to visit us. The partner hasn't ever been to our office before, for political reasons (summed up in one word: AssHat) so chose today to say hi!

With them coming to see us, the day absolutely flew! I can't believe how quick it passed!

I came home on time, even though I planned another late stay, and came to get the laptop bag out so I could type this post, and out fell this:

My line manager had found this while tidying up yesterday and decided that I needed some UB40 in my life. Or maybe it was the closest to some red red wine that I'll be getting for a while!

Side note - I forgot Neil Diamond wrote that song. Hmmmmm.

Other than typing this post out, I sorted out the washing. Sadly, there always seems to be something to wash in our house. 4 loads of it to be exact.

Yes, I realise there are only 3 here but I had already put the whites in! Being domestic really is a drag sometimes!

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