Tuesday, 19 March 2013

14/03/2013 - Filing and packing!

Up and out at the gym by 6.15am this morning! You proud of me?! I am! Paul didn't come as he started to feel a bit like he's got a cold. Not good. Men with colds are never good.

Came home and had a bit of a chill with a brew before getting ready for work.

Barney seemed to find my hot pink gym bag very appealing and kept trying to crawl in it! He's never tried that before with this bag!

Then to work. I am off tomorrow, so had to do everything I normally would do on a Friday (which is a lot...I hate Fridays) today. As well as the stuff I usually do today. Not fun. Plus the fact that I then developed a migraine so had to cope with that as well as all the work. Woe is me, right? I had to use my last super strong tablet to make it go away! Worked like a charm.

I had to sort a load of outstanding post (still not the stuff in my inbox) for my manager. The above is most of it. I put my shoe next to the box so you can see the size of the boxes. That's a lot of filing!

After work, Paul picked me up and we headed to the shops to pick up a few bits and bobs for me for the weekend. Then home for dinner. While Paul was cooking, I started packing for my weekend away.

 Gutted. There was no room for the kitchen sink!

We decided to try a new (for us) TV show after dinner. It's called 'Arrow'. I quite enjoyed it, actually! It has the lovely Colin Salmon in it, and his voice could melt butter!

With Arrow, we decided to try the cheese we were given on Saturday that are contenders for our wedding 'cake'! We hadn't really felt like it prior to this. Cheese after a migraine? Clever Caroline.

One word: DELICIOUS!

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