Tuesday, 19 March 2013

15/03/2013 - ROAD TRIP!

Woke up this morning feeling like ****. That migraine I had yesterday came back and brought his friends, family and a few gatecrashers with him. Evil. Got up really early to take some super strong painkillers to try to calm it as of all days, I cannot have one of 'my heads' today.

I had a 9am hair appointment to have a trim (and was terrified that they would cut too much hair off so I'd be struggling for my wedding hair - they didn't! Whoop!) and then Paul and I packed up the cats and headed over to Manchester, stopping to drop me off in Stockport to meet my ride!

Today I headed up to York for my old Uni flatmate's hen weekend! She's getting married at the end of April, so what better time to celebrate! I haven't seen Sue for literal years (I'm thinking about 5-6) so couldn't wait to get there! I hitched a ride with her Mum and her Auntie and headed up to York to set up before the rest of the ladies arrived.

Sue's twin sister had booked us a couple of cottages to stay in. Oh. My. Goodness. They were GORGEOUS!

This is the kitchen / dining room. The table seats 12, so we had to add a few chairs for the 16 of us but there was plenty of room! How gorgeous is that?!

This is the second living space which housed the comfiest sofa I have ever sat on. I want this sofa so much! It was so big and squishy I didn't want to get up again!

This is the bar I set up with all the bottles of stuff Sue's Mum had brought up, probably mostly from Sue's twin's hen do last year! I'm quite proud of it, actually!

After we had decorated the house and unpacked a little, it was time to await the girl in question! She was late. About 2 hours later than she should have been! Stupid traffic!

I think she was pleased to see us, right?!

After a home-cooked dinner of chilli and rice, ground beef tacos and vegetable enchiladas, we met our entertainment for the evening!

Guys, meet Lee!

Lee came and taught us to make cocktails, and then provided us with one or two...ok, 4...to slurp! He even complimented my bar! :)

While the cocktails were being made and enjoyed, Sue's sister had made a 'Mr & Mrs' quiz for Sue to play. For those who aren't familiar with this game; Sue's future husband, Rick, was asked a series of questions and Sue had to guess what Rick's answer was. Those that she got wrong, she had to do a shot of some spirit or another. Those that she got correct, she got to choose who did the shot!

To make the game even more interesting, her sister had videoed Rick's answers and make a version of 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' complete with 50/50 and phone a friend! It was a very good laugh! She only made me do one shot as well, which I think was vodka, so all was well!

The tray o'Doom.

While it was hardly an early night for us all, it wasn't as late as it could have been, however we had to be up and ready to leave the house for 9am the next day, so we couldn't be as naughty as possibly we could have been. However I think Sue got the worst deal out of all of us. Trust me, I shared a room with her this weekend...

Tune in later for the events of tomorrow...what did we get up to? How much sleep did I get? How many people were a bit worse for wear the next morning? All will be revealed!

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