Tuesday, 19 March 2013

16/03/2013 - The day after the night before...

Two hours sleep. Maybe 3 at a pinch. That was all I got. Why? Because all those shots didn't sit to pretty with the lovely bride-to-be. She was a tad sick. Actually, that's an understatement. She used to be bad at uni but this was the worst I have ever seen her.

Everyone was ropey. I don't think there was a single clear head in the cottage. EXCEPT MINE! :D I was only bleary due to lack of sleep!

Sue couldn't keep anything down, whether it were water, tea or dry toast, so I put her in the shower (more on that tomorrow!) and hoped that would help her feel a little more human. It sort of worked.

Our first pit stop of the day was to a really well hidden building about 20 minutes away from our cottages.

We were going Go Karting!

I have never been go karting before and I was kinda terrified! It was actually quite scary as well! Yes, it was fun, but my goodness is it hard work! My arms don't get that good a workout at the gym!

The first time we were in the karts, we did 50 laps of the circuit to get used to the karts and to see how fast our lap times were to put us into groups of similarly timed people.

The second time was race to dawn! I am quite pleased with my ranking in our group of six, to say I don't drive and have never go karted before! Oh, and I had only slept for 2 hours and had aches in my elbow where I broke it the other year!

Well done me! Are you guys proud of me?!

After we had celebrated the karting (Sue's sister in law came first, Sue second and her friend Claire third) we headed back to the cottage to set up the next part of the day!

Unfortunately for Sue but fortunately for us, Sue was rather unwell all the way home and kept having to be sick! The 20 minute journey took her a good 45, if not more! It meant we didn't have to shut her out of the room for as long.

We had afternoon tea! Aren't we fancy?! It was lovely! Sue's sister, Mum and Aunts made cakes and sandwiches for us all, and collected teapots so we could enjoy various different flavour brews! It was lovely!

I'm just sad I didn't take a picture of the finished table as it looked amazing!

Sue did have to be sick again before she came in and saw the table. And many times after seeing it, poor thing. Perhaps all that tea and those cakes were not the best site for someone who felt so rough!

Our room was just off the kitchen so after a few bathroom visits, we came to the agreement that she would go to bed for a few hours, take some paracetamol and try to sleep it off a little. It meant we could clear up a little as well before getting ready for the evening's fun.

Sure enough, she slept for about 90 minutes and came out a whole new woman! She drank tea and ate some leftover sandwiches and kept them down! It was a miracle!

Quite a few people went off to get some sleep. I tried to doze on the sofa but sadly wasn't able to. I figured it best to leave Sue to sleep by herself.

When everyone got up it was time to reveal to Sue what she would be dressing in that evening.

Any guesses? The moustache is a good look for her, no?

This might be a better clue:

Bonjour, tout le monde! Je m'appelle Caroline!

Yes, we were getting dressed up as 'french' girls. This is the french stereotype in the UK. Apparently it's not the stereotype everywhere though, as the portuguese lady who was with us had no idea!

Well...it wouldn't be a hen party without a sash and a tacky veil now, would it?!

Everyone joined in!

We headed into York and had various italian tasters around the city. We were also given tasks to do...

Yeah. I did none of these. I really am a spoil sport. A few people got involved. I preferred to take pictures. However I won't be sharing those with you all! I haven't showed the bride yet!

We headed off to a bar where we had a section reserved for us to sit in. There we enjoyed some sparkling wine, some cocktails (served in Cuban teapots...random but awesome) and some rum shooters, which were delicious!

Our taxi arrived at 1am and we headed back to the cottage...and devoured the leftover mexican treats from Friday night! CLASSY!

Headed to bed with a smile on our faces. Would they last? Well...

To be continued...

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