Wednesday, 20 March 2013

17/03/2013 - Happy St Patrick's Day!

However, as I am not irish, I won't be discussing this! Hope any irish readers had a good time! :)

So...where was I...oh yes!

We all woke up. And we were all fine! YAY! All the tea and cake we consumed must have made everything right in the world, as seriously, not even one hangover! Considering the mix of drinks, this is very surprising!

Sue was awake before me, which was even more surprising!

We were sitting and talking and then all of a sudden she noticed these our four-poster bed!

There was one of these rings on ever pillar. I can take a guess as to what they are there for. Sue's mind went somewhere else entirely! **cough**Christian Grey**cough**

I mentioned the shower yesterday. Here it is.

 It's fancy, no? Those swinging saloon doors were very ornate. Just one tiny problem. They didn't close all the way. There was a gap of about an inch between them! RIGHT INTO THE SHOWER!

This is the view from the shower into our room.

 Yep! Nowhere to hide! It's a good job Sue and I have been friends a long time! You should bear in mind that we had it lucky! Some people didn't have much cover over their shower at all!

Anyway, how gorgeous is our room?! I'm sure you've all noticed the bath?

I think if we'd been away for a weekend as a couple, I would have been tempted to use this bath! It was so deep and looked amazing! This weekend, however...not so much. If there was nowhere to hide in the shower, then in the bath, it's a complete show and tell!

Yup, it was right at the bottom of the bed! I mean, if you were putting a bath in a room, where else would you put it?!

Some of the other rooms had the bath right in the window!!!

After a lovely breakfast of sausages, bacon and beans (and pastries for the vegetarians) we packed up and prepared to head off. It didn't take long to tidy up at all. How many people can say that after a hen party?!

One last view of the cottage. It was so beautiful. I really hope to go back again one day as it was just...ahhhhh!

I managed to wangle a lift back to the in-laws from Sue's soon to be sister-in-law, and hoped to have a nap. No such luck!

Maia had missed me, which was nice. Barney was being delicious as ever. They love that house. Getting them out of it is a nightmare. Barney will generally get into his box no problem. Maia will hide in the most awkward place possible and make lots of noises of her dislike at me when I try to remove her. In this instance, she wedged herself behind a table, under a radiator. Great.

When we got home, it was time for relaxation. And a movie. We watched Big Fish which is one of my favourite movies ever.

Probably because it's a lovely story mixed with a fantastical imagination, but it and me were meant to be friends. Apart from the giraffes. I could live without those!

Bed time came, and I had to grab a few bits from my case. The worst part of going away is the unpacking. I found these inside!

Hand me down Hen Party banners! I must have been gifted them when I wasn't looking, as my do is next! Thanks everyone!

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