Thursday, 21 March 2013

18/03/2013 - Mopey Monday

Today marks the anniversary of the passing of my Grandfather, who died a year ago today.

I'm not going to go over old ground again, as it's still very sad, so if you want to read my post on him, you can read last year's here.

Anyway. Work was...guess what...BUSY! What's new?!

I did get to leave early though, as I had a nice check up to go to at the doctors, as I had a nice note on my repeat prescription that they wouldn't give me any more medicine until I went.

Turns out, I didn't need to go after all. I'm not due in until June. So why did they call me in? To tell me I can only have 1 inhaler a time, rather than the 2 I have been getting for years. Bloody Government cuts.

£7.65 per item, the current NHS charge. I have to get 3 things a month. My poor wallet. I know we are luckier than other countries, so I shouldn't grumble. Still...WAAAAA!

My sadly smaller bag than usual from the chemist. Still, at least I'm still flyin', right?

The rest of the afternoon was a bit blah. I stayed at work late to get the AssHat off my case, as he's asking for loads of stuff to be sent over to him, which he was too lazy to sort himself before he left, and apparently I have to do it as we don't want to give him access to our system.

Came home and chilled. It was nice!

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