Thursday, 21 March 2013

19/03/2013 - Tasty Tuesday

Another day and the same old same old. We were short staffed today, and lucky for me it was only myself and my line manager in! Normally people wouldn't like that, but I get on with my manager. He also has very good taste in music, so we got to put the tunes on while we performed an audit on a few files. YAWN!

Silly Cagga forgot her glasses this morning, so I made Paul wander round with them so I didn't get a dodgy headache. It turns out I had forgotten my lunch as well! Bless my darling fiance for bringing it for me!

My delicious mexican snack pot. Mmm. Although I am eating a lot of sweet potato at the moment. And a lot of mexican food. Hmmmm.

Another late night at work whilst finishing off our audit. It was quite dull and scary.

Then home to catch up on How I Met Your Mother, Castle and Hawaii Five-0. Fun fun fun. Although I was VERY sleepy and tried to keep myself awake by flicking through some wedding magazines. Didn't really work.

To bed I must go...

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