Sunday, 24 March 2013

22/03/2013 - Flippin' Freezin' Friday

 Nice early wake up this morning after a terrible night's sleep. Just what we needed. Hmph. Still, Paul had to get to Manchester for daft o'clock, so we did what we needed to do.

Especially as this was the view outside our house. (taken when the sun had risen as the flash ballsed up the first pic!)

Yup. That snow we were promised had arrived. And as you can imagine, it didn't put me in the best of moods to start the day!

It wasn't too bad though, I guess, so I made it to work no problem. My office was like a sauna though!

 It's snowing outside and I have the window open. That's how I roll!

The lovely and very generous Beanie Man provided my lunch today. I don't think business was particularly good as we got a LOT of food from him.

By far, the best bit was the muffin I got. Seeded wholemeal carrot muffin. It's possibly the best muffin I have ever eaten. Especially as there was a cream cheese icing slither right through the middle!


Work was a horrible day. Awful. Actually had a panic attack part-way through the day as it was all getting to me. Getting no help to correct AssHat's mistakes and then getting grief that it's not happening quick enough. WHAT CAN I DO?!

I looked forward to getting home, back to the DIY!

No gross pics today! YAY!

The primed wall looked good and ready to be painted some more! I checked the peel status of more of the paint and it seemed fairly secure. So it's time for the next layer!

I bought a small tin of damp sealing paint. Basically it hides any stains on the wall from where there had been damp, and allows the plaster to breathe easier underneath it, so it shouldn't go mouldy again.

It will...but hopefully it will last a while before it happens!

It was like painting with treacle. It was stodgy and actually really difficult!

Yay! It covered the under-mirror marks! The green tinge in these pictures is the light coming through the shower screen behind me.

Doesn't look too bad, does it?!

I just hope it dries 'matt' as I'm not keen on shiny walls in such a confined space. We shall see what it looks like for perhaps a coat of bathroom paint at the weekend!

Quite pleased with my handiwork I have to say!

I was rewarded with dinner from Paul. Chilli with brown rice, crushed nachos and cheese. A bit naughty. A lot nice!

OH! I TOTALLY FORGOT TO TELL YOU! The bridesmaid dresses arrived today! So we're heading over to Lucy's tomorrow morning to go and check them out! Keep your fingers crossed that they are perfect, guys!

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