Sunday, 24 March 2013

23/03/2013 - New and exciting things!

No rest for the wicked. Today we were up and out the door! A trip to see my lovely friend and Maid of Honour, Lucy, was in order! I wanted to see my bridesmaid dresses, damnit!

Sorry, guys and gals, I won't be posting any spoiler pics on here of those either. Especially as one of the bridesmaids hasn't actually seen her dress in the flesh yet!

The colour wasn't exactly what we had hoped for, but it's not a horrible colour, so can live with it! The joys of internet shopping! We will need to tweak things here and there I think, but nothing really major.

Whilst Lucy was trying on her dress, her gorgeous little girl (who is also in the wedding party) wanted to be a princess too and put a pretty frock on! Well, who am I to say no?! This isn't her bridesmaid dress, by the way...but she looks too cute not to show you!


 Isn't she just adorable! :)

Bella also wanted to say hello to you all. I love this doggie so much!


So does A! Big huggles all around!

We got a surprise breakfast made for us by Lucy (with Paul's able assistance) so I babysat...


Yep. Not sure I'm the best influence on A. :)

After breakfast was enjoyed, we made the decision that it's going to be a regular occurrence. YAY! We gots ourselves our very own breakfast club! I'm far more excited about having this than a regular night out! God, I'm getting old!

From Lucy's we popped back home and then headed out to the train station for our next big adventure. We got the train to Chester!

I have never been to Chester before, so I was very excited.

See how excited I am!

Paul was also really up for the road rail trip!

Our reason for going to Chester was to go and look at wedding rings! We had been speaking to a jeweller at a wedding fair a few weeks ago, and they had kindly given us a leaflet for 10% discount. WELL...considering how much this wedding is costing us, 10% discount anywhere is very welcome indeed!

The chap we spoke to (who had amazingly fluffy eyebrows) was very helpful and helped me choose the right band to match my wedding ring. Sadly, as my engagement ring is an awkward shape, they have to send it off with the wedding band so they can shape it to fit. WAAAAA! I hate being without my engagement ring! I feel naked without it! :( :( :(

Then onto Paul. He was very specific about what he wants, and luckily for us, it's simple and effective!

This isn't it, by the way. It's just the only picture I could sneakily take while the chap was doing some maths!

We left the shop, burning a hole in my credit card on the way out, but at least that's another thing done! It's probably going to be 3-4 weeks until I get my engagement ring back though. I AM SO SAD.

Paul, upon hearing me whinge, moan and complain, took me into M&S and bought me a temporary replacement! :)

My £12.50 engagement ring. It's platinum plated's a ring. They only had 2 small sized rings to choose from and this was the best of a bad bunch. It's pretty I guess. Just not as my engagement ring!

I realised that it's just over a year since I was first without my engagement ring and we went to get it re-sized! I got a replacement then as well! I have no idea what happened to that ring. I think I prefer this one though! Obviously neither are a patch on the real one! Just checked back and I didn't take any pics of the other replacement. That's how much I liked it. It was a bad time though, so we'll just move on!

After milling around Chester, which is a beautiful place, and I wish I had taken more pictures but it was Saturday afternoon and I had very little in the way of battery left, we headed to Abakhan, a fabric shop, to try to find some ribbon to match the bridemaid dress sash on Annabel's dress. We couldn't. We found some material which matched the main fabric, so we bought some of that as reference for anyone who wants reference! We then headed back to the train station, but on the way, stopped for a sneaky beverage at a bar call Kash near the train station. Paul loves it.


Here we both are, enjoying a beer called Spänk. *teehee* which was very nice. It was here we designed our wedding invitations. If it comes off as planned, they are going to be AWESOME!

We're probably a little behind with that, but as we're making them ourselves, we should be ok. I hope!

We headed home after a few siplets of Spänk, and settled in for the night, watching 'Taken' on Blu-ray! Paul headed off to bed not long after. I discovered that 'The Time Travellers Wife' was on Channel 4, so decided to stay up and watch it. I love the book, so thought I'd give the movie a go.

I liked it. I was sad that they missed some bits out but still bawled like a baby at the end! I don't think I've cried that much at a movie in a while!

I wasn't alone watching the film. I had company...   

Barney & Maia both decided that Mummy was the perfect place to come and curl up! Barney NEVER comes to cuddle me, so this was amazing! I love having a duvet on the sofa, and I think the cats do to.

I could not get them to move though. Seriously. Dead weight! It got to about 12:50am when I couldn't take being awake any more and had to kick them off me so I could go to bed! It was a conflict of feelings - Barney cuddles (which I may never get again) or sleep in my comfy bed?!

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