Wednesday, 27 March 2013

24/03/2013 - Hobby becoming obsession

The only free weekend day for a while, so I should take it easy, right? Nope. Not me! I allowed myself a little lie in though.'s the rules!

Maia decided to join me under the covers for a snuggle. Also appreciate the cuteness that are my polka-dot pajamas. Yes, they are awesome. It's bloomin' freezing at the moment, and these pjs are toasty warm!

Barney judges my choice in sleep attire.

I painted the whole shower room today. I didn't take any pictures for some reason. Probably because I was covered in paint! Hopefully it will look a bazillion times better now, after all the work on it this week!

I then went upstairs to clean the other bathroom. Yes I have 2. Aren't I posh?! I love this bathroom just a tiny bit more, because it was a dump when I moved in, and while it's not finished yet, I just love the colour!

My bathroom has a feature all of pistachio green. I love it so much! It compliments the horrible lino on the floor that I'm too lazy to replace (because it could be worse, right?!) and it's just a pretty colour!

See - pretty colour!

I need to accessorise this room as it literally has the suite in it and that's it! It need cabinets, towel rails etc. It's ensuite to our spare room, so I try to make it pretty for any guests that we have (not that we have that many) but it's pretty much the cat's bathroom. Their litter tray is in here (but doesn't colour co-ordinate...damn you, Pets At Home) and Barney loves sitting in the sink!

By the time I've finished making this room as gorgeous as a bathroom can be, it will be time to move out, so I'm reluctant to spend a lot of money on it...but some is acceptable. After the wedding I guess.

I'm pleased with my week's work. The house is starting to be vaguely more acceptable now. Apart from the spare room which looks like a dumping ground. Which in theory, it has become! Need to tidy that this week...and do ironing...and clean the living room and utility rooms...hoover the stairs...

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