Wednesday, 27 March 2013

26/03/203 - Still full of the ouchies

I knew I'd have a bad night's sleep. I even propped myself up on a spare duvet so I wasn't lying flat.

If you don't know why, check out yesterday's post. It explains it all.

Still, time waits for no man, so hi ho, it was off to work I went. Wait, that doesn't work.

The only picture I took today was of the state of things on my desk.

That paperwork is not going down. Thank goodness we're still hoping to have a newbie start on Tuesday!

The lovely Paul came to pick me up from work as walking is still a difficulty (with the whole painful breathing sitch) and we settled in to watching last night's tv extravaganza.

How I Met Your Mother was good - we know that Ted will meet the mother in 45 days (spoiler to those of you who are behind...but meh, it's also a cliffhanger for you!)

Castle was excellent. A very good episode, especially given that it focused on someone other than Nathan know...I love.

Hawaii 5-0 was also very good. I do enjoy that show far more than I thought I would. Possibly because it's full of pretty people. Just like the last show I watched filmed in Hawaii...I miss you, Lost...

Paul then watched the England match and I went to bed to read for a bit. Far more comfortable up there than anywhere else. Propped up with pillows. It's a good as it's going to get I guess!

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