Thursday, 28 March 2013

27/03/2013 - Seriously...more snow?!

It's nearly the end of March. So why in the name of Maia is it snowing again?

Before the shoddy attempts at snow falling pics, this is the lovely sight that sent me to work:

My handsome boys!

I'm still in a lot of pain with the whole stupid rib polava, so I got another ride to work while the snow was still lightly falling.

Another mental day, but watching the snow fall was oddly calming...

Those white dots on the ground? Snow. You can't really see it falling, but it is. It didn't get much worse than this, thank goodness, even though it was snowing lightly most of the day.

Managed to make it through the day, which was good as it was time for a much needed #Whedonsday! Spag Bol, garlic bread and Angel on the tellybox? Lovely evening!

I lit some candles.'s free light. And stuff that's free? We likes it!

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