Tuesday, 30 April 2013

28/04/2013 - Last day of my 20s!

Firstly, happy birthday to my cousin Luke and my Auntie Catherine!

Today we woke up quite early to say it had been a long day before and we were both ok! Whoop to no hangover!

After a dodgy Little Chef breakfast (which we won't be doing again in a hurry) we packed up and headed off back up the road. We had a date with my parents and brother & sister-in-law for lunch to have a pre-birthday celebration.

After a touch and go moment where we were pretty positive we were going to run out of petrol any second, we headed up to my parents' house. We were greeted by my Mum and Dad, and also the lovely Sophie and Charlie, their kitties.

Once my bro and sister-in-law arrived, we set off to the Heart of the Country to an old long term favourite place of our family: The Pear Tree Creperie!

Mmmmm. Crepes! We had a delicious feast!

I only took a picture of the salads before the main courses came along as we wolfed those down pretty sharpish!

After that we went home for a brew and some birthday cake!

It was...ok. Generic shop bought cake. No soul. It was blah.

Guys, Boutros Boutros is still going! My VERY ancient Gourami!I think he's about 10 years old. Ghali died a while ago but Boutros Boutros is keeping on fishing!

From Mum and Dad's we headed over to see my bro & sister-in-law's new house, and Paul watched some football. We then headed back to Manchester to pick up the kitties. They were pleased to see us but not pleased about coming home! Maia kicked up somewhat of a fuss before even being caught to go in her box. She then made a lot of noise while in the car coming home. I tried to take a video. It's bad quality. Sorry.

I hope the above video works! It's Maia doing her usual, but what makes this video different to usual is that she has set Barney off crying as well! He's normally so good and quiet but not today! Turn your volume and you'll hear him...and then you'll have your eardrums burst by my giggling, which I was unable to keep in much longer!

We managed to get home at a not-too-indecent hour and put on the most recent episode of Defiance, which was fun. My last meal of my 20s was a pizza from a local take away. You know what? It was pretty good actually!

Then bed, before work tomorrow. Sigh.

27/04/2013 - It's a nice day for a white wedding!

So today is the day that my old Uni friend Sue got married to her long time love Rick. It's about bloody time! They've only been together...forever!

An early start beckoned as the joy of being a girl means I have to get primped and primed ready for the day ahead. After deciding that straightening my hair would be sufficient as a 'do' it was to the shower.

Except there was a problem. Whilst the water ran warm from the taps, the water was very cold. Switch the temperature the other way and it ran arctic cold. Paul spoke to the lady on reception who gave him the key to another room to see if that one was any better. NOPE. But that room had a plug, so we stole it and were at least able to have a bath. Hmph. Not ideal but better than washing in the sink.

After a small debarcle with getting a taxi to the church, we made it with about 10 minutes to go before the ceremony began. And the ceremony was...well...they got married, and it's all legal and yay! It was slightly marred by the fact that Sue fainted (luckily was caught by her groom and other family members) and also that the Vicar was an opinionated gobshite who should learn that a wedding ceremony is not the place to air his views on politics or sexuality. Apparently he was equally as obnoxious during their pre-wedding lessons. Urgh.

Anyway, we blagged a lift with the brother of the bride and some groomsmen (thanks Jon!) and made it to the gorgeous barn where they were having their wedding reception. It was lovely.

It was going to be interesting to see another barn wedding, as we are planning ours, along with the fact that they kinda picked the same colour scheme as we have as well! So many similarities! Seeing all their personal touches made me realise how worth it they are, so it was a very good experience!

 Sue and Rick's love story. You'll know them as well as I do!

 Isn't the table lovely?! That yellow card is where I was sat as Sue had remembered that it's my birthday weekend!

They had named the tables after places they had visited, rather than stick with the traditional numbers. Another similarity to our wedding (although not the same naming theme...)...

A glass of wine with my name on it? Don't mind if I do!

The wedding cake was made by Sue's Auntie Liz, who has done an amazing job, I think you'll agree.

Spoiler - it was delicious!

We had a wonderful day, making new friends and reconnecting with people that I have met every now and again over the last 10 years of mine and Sue's friendship. It was a lovely day and I hope that they are as happy as they have been for the last 8 years for the rest of forever.

Aren't they too cute together?!

The end of the evening was marred by the fact that the taxi driver wanted to charge me £45 to drive 15 minutes up the road. WTF?! We managed to fill the taxi and so it was only £15 for us both, and we were first out. I hope that the other two couples didn't have to pay more! I did offer!

26/04/2013 - Epic Road Trip!

This morning brought a cup of tea (or 5) in bed whilst psyching ourselves up to make our loooooong journey down to Winchester, which is near Southampton. For those of you not familiar with UK geography, Southampton is on the south coast of the UK.

Map taken from Google Image Search

See, that's quite a long way. Ok, this map is a little bit misleading, as England is a small country, but you can see the distance between the two locations is a lot of the country.

There was an extra bonus to our long trip - we had to go via Chester! Paul called the jeweller who stole had my engagement ring to make our wedding rings. Well, the rings were back and ready to go! It was a relief to me as it meant I didn't have the responsibility of looking after Paul's Mum's diamond ring that she leant me yesterday. I felt a lot safer, knowing I only had my own to take care of, which I'm pretty good at already. I hope I haven't jinxed that!

Here we are by Chester Race Course. Just to prove we went to Chester!


Yes, I am incredibly happy to have it back, and it's all extra shiny as they've cleaned it up a treat, so double yay!

It was a long 4-hour drive from Chester down to Winchester. After checking into our 'luxury' (dump) hotel, we took a drive into Winchester to have a look around.

This is Winchester Cathedral. Impressive, no? It was very pretty to look at. It's also a gorgeous day!

We stopped at a nearby pub that my colleague A recommended to us: the Wykeham Arms

Here's Paul, enjoying some classic literature on my kindle, whilst enjoying a pint, sat at an old-style school desk in the pub. Great, huh?

The pub has a really friendly atmosphere and we'd go again I think. Apparently the food is really good as well, so we'll have to check that out at some point!

Due to time and financial contraints we ate at the ridiculous Little Chef next to our hotel, which only had about a third of the items on the menu which were all madly expensive and very disappointing. We knew it would be. No gourmet cuisine for us tonight. Sadly.

Then we headed back to our quality room to settle in for a night in front of the tv and to crack open this bad boy.

 Yep - a wine box. Because we knew the only way we'd get through the evening was with wine. A lot of wine!

We didn't get too drunk though, honest! We watched Shaun of the Dead and had a relatively early night!

Before I leave this post, I'll give you a sneaky peek as to the little treasures we picked up along with my engagement ring.

On the left is my wedding ring with my engagement ring. On the right is Paul's ring. Mine is perfect. Paul's is too big! It turns out between getting his finger measured 5 weeks ago and today, he's lost weight in his fingers! Which sounds funny but it's true!

We will take it back in August to get it resized just before the wedding in case Paul loses any more weight.

Aren't they pretty?!

Friday, 26 April 2013

25/04/2013 - TGI Thursday

I love the feeling you get when you have a slightly shorter working week than everyone else. It's my last day in work as I have tomorrow off to travel to Winchester for my friend Sue's wedding! YAY!

Before work, instead of going to the gym, I did my leg challenge (squats and lunges), some leg raises and swings (I'm sure these exercises have technical names but meh, I'm not technical!) and also some press ups and dips. Go me! Then I had a full day in the office.

I got everything I needed to done in work with about half an hour to spare. Like I told you - I don't really have much to do these days now newbie is here. She's fantastic, by the way! :)

I got home and started packing up to head over to the in-laws' house where the cats will be staying while we're away. Barney called shotgun so I was in the back with Maia.

Paul concentrating hard on the road, as a good driver does!

Meanwhile I was being guilt-tripped by my eldest fur-baby.

Maia does NOT like being in her cage. Especially when it means she has to go in the car. She does NOT like being in the car. She normally 'sings' the whole way there but she was remarkably quiet this time. It's rare. It's worth it in the end, as I have mentioned before, she loves Paul's parents' house!

Red sky at night - Sherpherds Delight. It was a beautiful sunset. Gorgeous reds and oranges across the sky. Sadly my camera on my phone didn't do it justice and so it's nowhere near as gorgeous as it was in real life. I really need a good camera. Sigh. One day.

We ate quite late so we sat around and watched some tv. Quite a lazy evening with a cheeky glass of wine. I went and did my plank exercises - the hardest day of the challenge as it was 4 x 75 seconds. I chose the easiest option as well. If Paul's back had been up to it, he would have had to do 4 x 105 seconds. Not for me, that! I struggled enough with the 75!

I tried to take a picture of Barney on one of the arm chairs as they make him look small. This is what the picture ended up like:

HAHAHAHAHA! I think this is the best pic I have ever taken of Beep! He shoots me with his laser-beam eyes.

 It's not as fun when the flash is off.

I lamented to Paul's Mum that my engagement ring wasn't back from the jewellers and I missed it. Especially as the temporary one was turning my finger green. So she leant me her 25th anniversary present to replace it for the wedding!

It's certainly bigger than my ring...with one or two more diamonds in it. I'm actually afraid to wear it. Will  have to see if my ring is back tomorrow as this is a lot of pressure on me!

24/04/2013 - Mischief Managed

Today felt like it was going on for EVER! I swear an hour passed but the clock just told me 5 minutes!

When the postman came, he delivered me a very exciting box!

I tore off the address label as it had my full mobile number on it. Which I don't approve of.

Yes, that does say Confetti. It's a wedding parcel. Again, I'm a Grinch and am not telling you what's inside, but be assured that I did exactly the same thing in the office! Everyone gathered when it arrived and were making excited noises.

I simply stated "oh, that wasn't due until Monday" and put it under my desk. I said no more about it.

"Aren't you going to open it?"

"No - I know what's in it."

People walked away disappointed.


I went to get some air at lunch time, and came back to see that the box had moved. I think they were trying to see if I had opened it while no one was looking. NOPE! There was absolutely no indication as to what was inside. I LOVE IT! I'm a big meany and I don't care! It's my wedding!

I got home and we made suitable preparations for the visit of Chris for #Whedonsday. There were laughs and smiles but also sadness. We really don't watch the most chipper of TV shows. Ah well.

After Chris departed for the train, Paul made a peppermint tea and I went to do my plank challenge for the day. 3 x 75 second planks. OUCH.

It is not assisted when your cats are in love with your yoga mat and insist in picking holes out of it when they perform their own yoga moves under you. HMMM.

23/04/2013 - Little worker bee!

After my awful night's sleep, I had no desire to get up this morning. I did, because I have to, but I wasn't happy about it. Especially as I had to get up and make my own brew because Paul was in Manchester after the football. Urgh. You really notice how lucky you are when the person that spoils you isn't there!

I tried to get Barney to go and put the kettle on but he was having none of it.

"Mama, I don't got thumbs, how'm ah gonna put water ins da kettle ans make you tea? Stupid b!tch"

For those of you who haven't met me or seen me around my cats, they talk with a very (what I think is a) Southern American accent? I'm thinking Oklahoma / Texas...that sort of voice. Even though they're both scouse cats so should have a Liverpudlian accent. If you're not sure what the scouse accent is, here's a video. I apologise if you don't understand a work they say - I've lived here for nearly 11 years and sometimes I can't understand scousers either!

From YouTube

My cats don't talk like that. They both have potty mouths and sound like they should be in True Blood! SOOOOOOKEEEEEH!

Anyway, my head was ok, so I did some exercise and headed to work feeling like I REALLY couldn't be bothered. Needs must, so in I went.

I had a pretty productive day! Remember when I showed you what my in-tray looked like in the office?  No? Well see it here.

Now it looks like this:

 How excellent is that?! I've done loads of work! Although that means I'm now running out of things to do...don't tell anyone!

After work I got to see my Paul again and we watched Castle with dinner, then I toddled off to put some colour in my hair ready for this weekend. I didn't take pictures as it's a messy process!

After that was done we watched this week's Game of Thrones and then went to bed.

There's not really much more of a story there!

22/04/2013 - Migraine Monday

Paul and I were very good and got up at silly o'clock to go to the gym. Unfortunately Paul hurt his back so he had to stop. I ran for a while and did better than I thought I would so go me!

However as the day went on, my head started hurting more and more. It seems to happen after I do some high impact cardio. I get a migraine. This isn't fair. It's not worth doing the exercise if this is what's going to happen.

Naturally I was feeling sorry for myself and couldn't wait for the day to end so I could come. However, as Paul was at the football this evening, I had to stop at the shops to get some food, which was the last thing I wanted, but tablets won't work without food so I needed some scran.

Whilst in the small Tesco near my house, some dozy bint opened a fridge and was messing around with the fresh pasta sauces. One fell and spilt EVERYWHERE. It landed about an inch away from my foot. I was worried that it had gone over my trousers which I hadn't worn before as they had always been too small (they still are by a teeny bit but they do up so I'm wearing them!) but I couldn't see any damage.

The worst thing? The stupid cow didn't even apologise. The fact that I was wearing a cream coloured coat meant nothing to her. She didn't see if she had got me, she didn't tell a member of staff, no. SHE RAN AWAY.

So along with a migraine, I had the worry that she had got pasta sauce on me. She had got a tiny bit on my coat but I didn't notice that until later.

At least I came home to this face:

This is just what I needed to see! :)

I settled onto the sofa and ate my rather miserable sad lonely bastard dinner for one which tonight was a sweet and sour chicken thing. It wasn't very nice.

After forcing this down my throat I went to bed. My head hurt. I put the movie 'One Day' on in the background but I fell asleep in the middle. I liked the beginning and the end, though! I am looking forward to watching it again!

I didn't have the best night's sleep waking every hour or two. Still in pain. I dislike migraines.

21/04/2013 - Same old Sunday!

It's Sunday again. Which is nice. I don't mind Sunday except it's usually my domestic day so I have no excuse to sit around as I have to do stuff. Which is a shame.

We were awake early as Paul was planning a run before the Grand Prix started, so we had to have an early breakfast. Due to a distinct lack of eggs in the house I let him have the few we had left and I had to seek alternative breakfast material. I went for an old favourite.

Beans on Toast! :) I forgot how awesome such a simple breakfast is. I then read somewhere that we're pretty much the only country that eats beans for breakfast. What's that about?! Beans are ace! They complete breakfast.

Guys, if you've never had beans on toast for breakfast before, today is the day you should try it! It's simple, it's quick, it's easy and it's tasty! DO IT!

I proceeded to iron when Paul went out for his run. I plugged in the iPod and decided to listen to some tunes I haven't heard in a while. Yep, my inner performer came out.

Back in the day, when I was at school I LOVED being on stage. I loved being in all the plays and shows. Singing, dancing and acting were what I lived to do. My happy place was in rehearsal for a show. Ah, those were the days! Sadly I don't do that any more, as due to my many ailments I can't sing any more. I should probably have speech therapy or something and then progress onto singing lessons but quite frankly I can't afford it! It's not the end of the world if I can't perform any more. I just wait for Paul to be out before I start singing and dancing around. I can pretend!

Anyway, I was merrily ironing away then I got a notification that a photograph had been uploaded to our dropbox. Paul and I share our internet uploading facility, so naturally I got curious.

Warning - it's not pretty.

That's what you call a blister. A blister on a blister. That's what running does to you!

We relaxed for the rest of the evening and watched Zombieland and Live and Let Die. Which is always enjoyable.

20/04/2013 - Busy Busy...again.

Early start today. It's Breakfast Club day! YAY! My bezzie and her little girl came over for breakfast! Whoop!

A was very excited as she was getting to see the cats, whom she hasn't seen for a very long time! She doesn't remember the first time she met them as she was only a baby!

Well she took quite a shine to our Barney (Maia pretty much hid the whole time) but Barney wasn't too sure about A! It was very cute and funny, except we kept losing A as she'd wander off round the house looking for a cat!

By the time they left, she had mastered saying 'Maia' and 'Barney' and I even got a Cay-ine for Caroline which is a pretty good attempt if you ask me!

She also took her usual shine to Paul! She is into her wrestling moves and kept lying upside down on Paul So what did he do?


A the bungee jumper! This was the most fun ever for her! She loved it! No sooner had he put her back down again than she was running up to him with her arms in the air saying 'again! again!'

After A and Lucy left, and the cats were happy, we headed out to Hobbycraft for more invitation equipment! They didn't have the majority of things that we wanted. One was not amused. We got a few bits and it seems the internet is going to be our friend. I wanted to actually purchase things in a shop and keep the country afloat (as I'm going to be spending a small fortune) but alas it's not to be! We did buy a glue gun though and that's going to be the most fun ever!

We then headed back to Ikea for more tealight holders (it's an obsession but luckily we can get 12 for £2 so we're not breaking the bank) and then to Toys R Us for...well...I can't say. We didn't get what we wanted but Paul got to play with a lightsaber so it wasn't a wasted visit.

The force is strong with him.

It was such a lovely day but again, as much as we wanted to we didn't have a drink! Aren't you proud of us?!

We got a few other bits and bobs and then settled back in at home to catch up on some TV. I also made the first draft of our wedding invitations (without some of the embelishments I had planned due to Hobbycraft being out of stock...booo) which I'm quite impressed with! We ned to make a few other alterations to them but it's a solid idea and it looks good!

Still no spoilers, soz!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

19/04/2013 - Hmmm

Friday. To be honest, it's Wednesday now and I am struggling to remember what I did!

Normally, my picture of the day will remind me when I get behind like this. But no. Nothing. As the only picture I took is this:

Paul is judging me for not actually paying attention to what I did today. I can't blame him.

I can only guess that work was very dull and non-eventful, which is no problem. Actually, now I think about it, things are coming back to me. I was in a bit of a tidy-mad mode and so did loads of filing. Ridiculous amounts of it. I got rid of over half of my own filing, as well as all of my line manager's! Go me!

Judging by my twitter feed I was also feeling really creative to do with wedding stuff and was frustrated because I was in work and couldn't research any of my ideas. Sucks to be me, right?

Paul wasn't in a great mood and really fancied a drink but I was a mean and nasty future wife and put my foot down and said no. We decided we weren't going to drink this weekend and I would damn well try to stick to that! Plus we have an early appointment tomorrow so don't want any glimpse of a hangover!

Sorry folks, this is the reality of our boring life. I am pretty sure we went to bed early as well. Yawn. Well, we are old and stuff.

Friday, 19 April 2013

18/04/2013 - A little confusion...

We got up and went to the gym at silly o'clock again this morning! You proud of us? My ribs are a little sore afterwards though so should probably wait a little while before going again.

Work was soooooo boring. I am almost completely up to date, which is excellent, however, now I need to find stuff to do. Not easy. Filing etc. YAWN

I came home and fancied a nice relaxing evening. Paul started cooking dinner while I relaxed for a little while. Then we made a discovery inside the pepper. It was spawning a mini me on the inside and we cruelly cut it open to devour it. Sorry, pepper. We enjoyed you, if that helps.

It also transpires that I had a wedding delivery as well today! How exciting! Want to know what's inside?

Well, I'm not going to tell you! Ha! I need to keep some sort of element of mystery to our wedding! Some of you might be coming!

However, I think there was a problem somewhere in the packaging of said wedding delivery:

 Mr. MR?! I can assure you that I am NOT a MISTER. I have a good mind to complain. I know I ticked all the right boxes in my order.

Just disgraceful.

I was so miffed, I went to bed and sorted socks. Yep. I'm that rock and roll.

Spoiler - there were 4 that didn't match any of the others. There's a sock thief.

17/04/2013 - John the Builder!

Absolutely nuts day in work. I got contacted by our Wembley office to do an emergency massive Court document and deliver it by hand NOW!

Except 'NOW' took about 3 hours to arrive. They gave me no time at all to get down there and take the stuff to the Court. I was 8 minutes late but luckily for me, they took it.

As it was so late, I made the executive decision to not go back to work (as it would be 5pm by the time I got there) and so I walked through town to try to find an outfit for my friend's wedding next weekend. SUCCESS!

Then Paul told me that we had a visitor and he was showing no signs of leaving any time soon. So I contacted Chris and we made the decision to call off this week's #Whedonsday, even though we really wanted it to take place.

When I eventually got home, I came in to a little bit of carnage.

Remember when I got a new bannister rail fitted the other week? Well, the other side (on the open side of the stairs) was being fitted this week. All from scratch. It's not the tidiest of jobs, but Paul's Dad decided to undertake it so I left him to it!

Looking good, huh?!

He had been at it for hours. I'm really impressed. As was Barney.

Doesn't he look like he has a halo?! I love this picture! Don't believe him though: he was trying to make a bid for freedom in the big bad world the whole time, I believe!

 Looks good, doesn't it?!

16/04/2013 - Fit Freak!

The alarm went off at stupid o'clock so we could get up to go to the gym.

See - stupid o'clock.

It wasn't bad to be fair. In fact, it was a lot busier than usual. Which I suppose is ok. I still got my workout done.

Then it was time to come home and go to work. That's the downer of the day. Another same old same old.

It was made more sad by the fact that my replacement engagement ring (the cheap temporary thing) has tarnished to the extent that it has started turning my finger a little bit green. This has made me sad. Mostly because they told me that it would be about 3 weeks until I got my ring back. We are now into the 4th. I WANTS MY PRECIOUS BACK.


So I raided my jewellery box to find something else to wear on that finger and I came across this baby:

This was handmade by my friend Mia, who blogs here. It's a while since I bought it from her, but it's still awesome, so this shall be my baby until I get my precious back!

Then it was home to watch Hawaii 5-0, How I Met Your Mother and Castle. I think we watched Game of Thrones as well.

All in all, a day well done.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

15/04/2013 - Blah

The title says it all. Today was blah. Nothing really happened. Which is a bit sucky when you have to write about your day!

Work was same old same old. Got lots of housekeeping type bits done so I suppose it was productive. Just not the most fun to talk about!

There was quite literally nothing on TV. Ok, that's a lie. There was figuratively nothing on tv. Unless you like repeats of Big Bang Theory, which I wasn't in the mood for as I'm not really into it, or one of about 3000 cooking shows, which again, I wasn't in the mood for.

Got my gas and electricity bills today. Ouch. I might blog from work from now on to save energy.

We had dinner of bourbon briskett with green veg and sweet potato chips. Very nice indeed. Quite kicky, but that's no bad thing.

See - home made chips by chef. My favourite.

We decided on an early night to read for a bit. Before then, though, it was time to do the 'leg challenge' which is a series of squats and lunges, and also a minute of 'plank'...which is tough. It's only going to get harder as the week goes on. I need strength, people. I got to tone myself up before June (first dress fitting) and then July (holiday) and then September (wedding) then I can get fat again! WHOOP!

14/04/2013 - Omens

I think I had a reasonable lie in. I don't really remember in all honesty. Actually I do - Paul got up to watch the Grand Prix and I stayed in bed. It was nice! But still, I knew I had to get up and get stuff done. The washing wasn't going to get clean by itself and the ironing wasn't going to de-crease...hahaha, I just made a joke!

I sent Paul to the shops while I sorted the laundry and then psyched myself up for an afternoon of ironing while Paul watched the football. I got to the laundry basket to discover this:

I don't think Barney wanted me to iron today. It was tempting to go with this sign for the Powers that Be that I should go back to bed and be lazy some more...but then Barney decided to get up and run off. Damn. Best get on with it then.

There was more than was in the basket, by the way.

It took me a little while to get it done so I plugged in my old tv/video combo and watched some season 1 Buffy while I worked. It was rather fun! Got to love going back to bad quality 14" tv video when you're so used to 42" HD blu-ray!

I was very happy when it was done. So was Maia.

I think the cats like this basket! They've never paid this much attention to it in the past but here they are! They were in and out of it all night!

 What's this, Barn? You've bought me an early birthday present?! Oh you shouldn't have...go on then, don't mind if I do...

13/04/2013 - Sunshine Saturday

It's been a long week so we did enjoy a little lie in this morning. I think we deserved it.

After breakfast we needed to make a decision as to how to spend our day: in or out. We had some wedding stuff to discuss and we do that better out of the house, so out it was!

We took the opportunity to take a stroll in the nice weather (which didn't last) into town to go and look at suits for Paul for the wedding, as we saw a couple of ok ones online but want to see them in person. No spoilers here though, just like my dress, as a nice surprise is always fun!

As we were walking down the main shopping street, who did we stumble upon campaigning for something or another (I can't honestly remember) but Ricky Tomlinson!

It's always fun to celeb spot in town! Someone other than the cast of Hollyoaks, anyway!

After spotting some nice gladrags for Paul to think about, we headed for lunch in a place called The Hub at the far end of town. We split chilli-cheese on toast and a cajun chicken burger. They were pretty good. We were so full afterwards we didn't eat again for the rest of the evening!

This bit of the menu amused me.

 Yes, I was looking at the fizzy stuff. I didn't have any, so there's me being good! I just like that the prosecco is described as 'Delicate and Happy'! Prosecco certainly does make me happy!

We still hadn't really discussed all the wedding-y bits we had meant to, and we were pretty confident that they were trying to get rid of us out of The Hub (by removing my plate before I had even finished chewing the last bite of my cheese on toast) so we headed up to an old student haunt of ours - Hannahs.

It's been done up a little since we went to Uni but the upstairs bit was quite nice! Here we treated ourselves to a glass of something cold to accompany the planning process.

We then came home and chilled out some more. A day well spent I think!

Saturday, 13 April 2013

12/04/2013 - Flat Friday

I was dreading going into work. I'd have to explain everything that went on at the training yesterday, and as most of it went over my head, I wasn't looking forward to it.

Plus I had my nice big report to do, and it's quite difficult at times, so I was just hoping it would be a quiet day.

It was, thankfully, and I spent some quality time with my database that I have so lovingly crafted over the years. It's very irritating when people make changes on the main system without informing me, as it means that my spreadsheet is not accurate, so I took my time and worked my way through it and now it's as spot on as I can get it! Go me!

I didn't miss much the day before which is even better, and so I didn't get back to carnage, which is what happened in the old days of taking a day off, under the old management. So that was nice!

After work, Paul and I took a trip to Asda to pick up a few bits for dinner and another bottle of wine to enjoy. We really sound like alcoholics, don't we? Ah well. It makes us happy.

I spotted this amongst the plonk and knew that it would be my picture for today. If I was surrounded by that much wine, I'd probably have the same look on my face!

We came home and started watching 'Revolution'. It's not bad! We watched 4 eps and will probably stick with it for a while. Hopefully it stays good, and doesn't go too...off course. Mind you, I'm the gal who loved Lost, including the finale, so I will probably enjoy 'off course'!

I would have posted the trailer, but the only one I could find pretty much gave the whole of the first episode away. It's far more fun to watch the show. Let me know what you think!

11/04/2013 - Adventure time!

I can't complain about work today as I wasn't in the office! YAY! I like a day off. Well. It wasn't really a day off, as I had to head to our Head Office for a day of training. But still...I wasn't at my desk, so it was kind of a day off, right?

I headed out at the usual time to get a train to Manchester, and it was surprisingly quiet to say that it was peak time. At Piccadilly station I was meeting my colleague from another office to head on our adventure together.

A fairly quiet Piccadilly station. It's normally a little busier than this!

Network Rail welcomed me to Manchester. Which is nice. Shame it costs so bloody much to get there, to say it's not that far away from where I live!

Anyway, I met my colleague and we had our tram adventure over to our Head Office. There we endured a lot of complicated talk about some of the new stuff we have to do. Yeah. I don't like it. I also don't like it when people higher up in the pecking order complicate things further so we're all thoroughly baffled, and talk about things that aren't relevant to us. YOU WON'T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT YOUR WORK IF WE CAN'T DO OURS AND YOU'RE CONFUSING US! SHUT UP. Aherm. Needless to say, someone got on my wick a little.

At least we were provided with a bit of lunch, which was nice.

From there, we had a tour of the offices, which are very nice...very magnolia, but that's not the end of the world I guess. I then went for more training, which ended up me and the guys who were training me sitting and stressing how we are doomed. Because we might be. :(

I then headed back, alone, to the tram, and had to work out which bloomin' tram to get. Loads were going the other way, but none were coming back! I was there for AGES waiting! In the rain! I got a little cranky.

I managed to just catch the train I wanted to get back to sunny Wavertree, and sat and immersed myself in my book. It's a good job I looked up, as I noticed we were whizzing through the station before mine! The 40 or so minute train journey flew by! Which was excellent!

I got home and told Paul everything I had learnt today and how I'm doomed as I will have to make sales pitches to clients and I am not a salesman. I could sell booze at the pub as people who come into a pub want a drink! Telling people that they have to part with money when the whole reason we're speaking to them is because they want compensating is not going to be easy.

I think I deserved one of these.

I enjoyed every mouthful.

We watched some eps of Community that we had missed and went to bed with a smile on our faces. Because there's nothing like a little bit of laughter to make the world seem like a better place.