Thursday, 4 April 2013

01/04/2013 - Pinch punch...

It's the First of April. Seriously. It's April already. How did that happen?! It's my last month of being in my 20s so it best be awesome!

How did we start this amazing day? By going to Hobbycraft. Which was interesting. We were looking for wedding supplies. We got some, but not what we wanted. Starting to think that they might not actually make what we want. We're running out of time. Really have to get this sorted!

Just to prove we were there, there's a picture. It was that quiet we could park right outside. Crazy, huh?!

From Hobbycraft we then headed to the Hell that is Ikea. There, we had breakfast (which was surprisingly good, and pretty cheap too) and then went to wander for a few more wedding supplies, which we picked up. And tealights. Because you can't go to Ikea without getting 100 tealights for £1 or whatever ridiculously cheap price they are!

Yup, it was busy. Urgh. I hate this place.

We got home at a suitable time for Paul to watch the football and for me to chill for a little while before carrying on with the tidying up. I wasn't alone though.

They're touching! This is a cuddle in my book! Yay for cute sleeping kitties! :)

After the match, Paul helped me put some stuff into the loft. Yeah. The loft has had a bit of an avalanche up there at some stage. It's a mess. And why do I keep the box for EVERYTHING?! I don't need the old microwave box or the old hoover box. It's madness. If I'm bored when it's a bit warmer outside, I'll give it a good spring clean up there and throw out the mess. It's only going to get worse and we want to move house one day!

Then it was time for a lovely steak dinner and then Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on dvd. Well, it's been a while since we had a Potter-fest!

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