Sunday, 7 April 2013

04/04/2013 - Happy Birthday, Dad!

It's my lovely Dad's birthday today! :) I won't see him until Saturday but yay! Happy birthday Daddy Hartley!

This was Dad on Christmas Day last year, finishing off the custard from the Christmas pudding. To be honest, the custard was amazing, so I don't blame him... :) Like father like daughter I guess! :)

Anyway, as I was getting ready for work, my mind was wandering and I was thinking about our holiday which is slowly approaching in a few months time. Then I realised that I have no idea where my passport is.

**insert expletive here**

This is not good news. It's usually in my bag, as it's the only form of photographic ID I have. The joys of my youthful good looks (hah) usually mean that if I'm in the mood for a bottle of wine or something, we have a 'Challenge 25' policy in most supermarkets, and I'll get asked to prove my age. Which is a little more than 25.

Anyway, my frustration at myself kept going well into work. Passports are not cheap, and it's even more of an annoyance as I'll be changing my name after the wedding so will have to pay the passport fee again! I don't want to be paying it twice.

I need to find my damn passport.

Luckily for me, when I got home, I did find it! It was in a handbag I hadn't used for ages! I have no idea why it would be in there! But at least today's drama has a happy ending!

 Proof that I did, in fact, find the blighter. It's now in a safe place with Paul's. Fingers crossed I remember where that safe place is when we need it for holiday!

So you all can giggle, he's my picture. It's only a few years old. I don't half look like a photo-fit though, huh? I really was skinnier than. And blonde. Ah well. At least I have an excuse to update my picture in a few months!

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