Sunday, 7 April 2013

06/04/2013 - A day to get dressed up in finery!

It's Aintree weekend here in Liverpool, home of the Grand National which was today. I don't pay attention to horse racing. I'm not really bothered about going. Plus it's full of mental people. I'm happy where I am, thanks!

My parents came to visit today. I haven't seen Mum since she came dress shopping with me back in January. I haven't seen my Dad since Boxing Day. So it was good to see them.

We were going to go out for lunch, but first Mum wanted to go and look in a shop down the road for her outfit for our wedding.

She found one. It's very nice. I was going to post a spoiler but then decided not to! I think people will be surprised by her outfit! She looks lovely though. It was expensive...almost the same price as my dress! Which I actually think is hysterical!

We then went for lunch at Bistro Noir, which was rather quaint and the menu looked ace...apart from when we got inside we realised that it was the evening menu we were looking at, and we wanted lunch. The lunch menu wasn't bad, so we stayed. Dad had a Jerk Chicken salad, Paul and Mum had Mexican burgers, and I had a Jerk Chicken sandwich.

The result - we were all jealous of Dad's salad! It was enormous! The sandwich was delicious as well! So all in all it was a good choice!

We then went for a drink in 'Bier' and introduced Dad to Brooklyn Beer. He liked it a lot.

We then went home and popped open some Cava that Mum and Dad had brought up as they had bulk-bought some for our wedding and we had to try it to make sure it was suitable! Spoiler - it was suitable.

After Mum and Dad left, we had a taste for fizz, so we went to get a bottle of prosecco, then settled in for the evening, finishing off our Harry Potter marathon.

Not sure what we're going to watch now!

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