Tuesday, 9 April 2013

08/04/2013 - Monday treats

I'm still feeling incredibly sombre after yesterday's news. I guess it's going to take some coming to terms with.

Anyway, to work I went, expecting it to be awful. It wasn't actually that bad. Busy but manageable. It's nice to be surprised in that way!

Another surprise I received was when the post came. People were very curious as to what could come with such a big blue sticker on the outside...

Do not open?! But it's addressed to me! I WANT TO OPEN IT!

So I did!

 YAY! It's Hobbit Day! Ordinarily I would have waiting until the extended edition was released...but...well...I couldn't!

It's so pretty! Plus we get a digital edition too so I can watch on my laptop/phone etc! I'll never get any work done at this rate!

This stamp on the packet amused me! 

 Frustration free?! It was fairly straightforward I suppose! There was no need to let me know!

I bought a special version of the blu-ray. If I'm going to be buying the movie twice, I best have something a bit different to justify it in my collection!

After work I had a little while at home, and then met Chris to go to a free screening of the Evil Dead remake. Security was tight. Seriously, it's never been that tight before. They pretty much insisted on making sure our phones were off and were patrolling the aisles before the movie began! It was intense!

Needless to say, I couldn't take a picture in fear of being ejected from the cinema for life, but here's the trailer for you. Only watch if you're brave!

It was pretty gruesome! It's not the comedy I was expecting! If you do go to see it, wait until the end of the credits. Just because.

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