Saturday, 13 April 2013

09/04/2013 - Neil Diamond ruined my life. Figuratively.

Didn't have a great night's sleep last night. Probably mostly due to the fact that Paul was away. So I opted to lie in bed a little longer than I normally would, and doze to the radio.

Yeah. Wish I hadn't. The first song I heard on the radio was Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline. I HATE THAT SONG.

Anyone who has a song with their name in the lyrics will know my pain. Why are there so many songs about Carolines anyway? This song has haunted me probably more than all the others. Status Quo have a 'Sweet Caroline' as well, but I don't mind that one as much. That one haunted my early childhood but it's not so well known as Mr Diamond's arguable classic.

Got to love the retro hair! That I believe they still all have to date!

My teen years were irritated by a man known as Shaggy with his little ditty 'Oh Carolina'. Now I realise this is not my name. However it doesn't stop people singing it at you when you have a name something similar.

That's painful to willingly listen to.

Then, about 10 years ago, Outkast released a song called Roses. It's not the most complimentary song about a Caroline.

It goes on for a while. It's also a bit naff.

There are many others. These are 3 of the worst as well as Mr Diamond. But Mr Diamond is the worst. The longest running form of torture.

If you read this and sing it to me, I will not be amused. I will most probably give you a 'look' then ignore you. If you're my friend, I will probably not invite you to our wedding. Simple.


It wasn't the worst day ever, which was unexpected. It was a long day though. I don't like those.

Paul dropped our marriage certificates off at the Registry Office in Southport today, so that means it's official. We're getting married! Which we knew anyway, but we now have to think about our actual ceremony and what we want to include and what vows we want to say! It's exciting but another thing on the list of things to do!

When I came home, I needed to relax. Paul had to revise for his exam tomorrow so I put The Hobbit on, with the intention of watching the whole thing! I succeeded. Paul revised good and proper and it was a successful evening!

Revising hard while I relax. Needs must I suppose.

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