Saturday, 13 April 2013

10/04/2013 - Boredom followed by fun!

I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing how dull work is for me. That was the same today. It was really dull. I did not want to be there in any way shape or form! I think everyone has those days but mine really was. Everything was a chore!

To make things more interesting for myself, I created my married email address ready for September! Things really were that dull!

Still, homeward bound I went, with a spring in my step, as it's #Whedonsday! :)

Dinner was a delicious Italian Shepherds Pie (which is a mountain of a dinner but worth every second!) and, of course, no #Whedonsday is complete without some of the foamy goodness we are accustomed to!

 It might not be the best beer in the world but we like it! It works for us.

Maia came for a cuddle while we were watching our Whedony wonders, which is always pleasant.

I love this little bundle of fluff!

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