Tuesday, 16 April 2013

13/04/2013 - Sunshine Saturday

It's been a long week so we did enjoy a little lie in this morning. I think we deserved it.

After breakfast we needed to make a decision as to how to spend our day: in or out. We had some wedding stuff to discuss and we do that better out of the house, so out it was!

We took the opportunity to take a stroll in the nice weather (which didn't last) into town to go and look at suits for Paul for the wedding, as we saw a couple of ok ones online but want to see them in person. No spoilers here though, just like my dress, as a nice surprise is always fun!

As we were walking down the main shopping street, who did we stumble upon campaigning for something or another (I can't honestly remember) but Ricky Tomlinson!

It's always fun to celeb spot in town! Someone other than the cast of Hollyoaks, anyway!

After spotting some nice gladrags for Paul to think about, we headed for lunch in a place called The Hub at the far end of town. We split chilli-cheese on toast and a cajun chicken burger. They were pretty good. We were so full afterwards we didn't eat again for the rest of the evening!

This bit of the menu amused me.

 Yes, I was looking at the fizzy stuff. I didn't have any, so there's me being good! I just like that the prosecco is described as 'Delicate and Happy'! Prosecco certainly does make me happy!

We still hadn't really discussed all the wedding-y bits we had meant to, and we were pretty confident that they were trying to get rid of us out of The Hub (by removing my plate before I had even finished chewing the last bite of my cheese on toast) so we headed up to an old student haunt of ours - Hannahs.

It's been done up a little since we went to Uni but the upstairs bit was quite nice! Here we treated ourselves to a glass of something cold to accompany the planning process.

We then came home and chilled out some more. A day well spent I think!

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