Tuesday, 16 April 2013

14/04/2013 - Omens

I think I had a reasonable lie in. I don't really remember in all honesty. Actually I do - Paul got up to watch the Grand Prix and I stayed in bed. It was nice! But still, I knew I had to get up and get stuff done. The washing wasn't going to get clean by itself and the ironing wasn't going to de-crease...hahaha, I just made a joke!

I sent Paul to the shops while I sorted the laundry and then psyched myself up for an afternoon of ironing while Paul watched the football. I got to the laundry basket to discover this:

I don't think Barney wanted me to iron today. It was tempting to go with this sign for the Powers that Be that I should go back to bed and be lazy some more...but then Barney decided to get up and run off. Damn. Best get on with it then.

There was more than was in the basket, by the way.

It took me a little while to get it done so I plugged in my old tv/video combo and watched some season 1 Buffy while I worked. It was rather fun! Got to love going back to bad quality 14" tv video when you're so used to 42" HD blu-ray!

I was very happy when it was done. So was Maia.

I think the cats like this basket! They've never paid this much attention to it in the past but here they are! They were in and out of it all night!

 What's this, Barn? You've bought me an early birthday present?! Oh you shouldn't have...go on then, don't mind if I do...

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