Tuesday, 16 April 2013

15/04/2013 - Blah

The title says it all. Today was blah. Nothing really happened. Which is a bit sucky when you have to write about your day!

Work was same old same old. Got lots of housekeeping type bits done so I suppose it was productive. Just not the most fun to talk about!

There was quite literally nothing on TV. Ok, that's a lie. There was figuratively nothing on tv. Unless you like repeats of Big Bang Theory, which I wasn't in the mood for as I'm not really into it, or one of about 3000 cooking shows, which again, I wasn't in the mood for.

Got my gas and electricity bills today. Ouch. I might blog from work from now on to save energy.

We had dinner of bourbon briskett with green veg and sweet potato chips. Very nice indeed. Quite kicky, but that's no bad thing.

See - home made chips by chef. My favourite.

We decided on an early night to read for a bit. Before then, though, it was time to do the 'leg challenge' which is a series of squats and lunges, and also a minute of 'plank'...which is tough. It's only going to get harder as the week goes on. I need strength, people. I got to tone myself up before June (first dress fitting) and then July (holiday) and then September (wedding) then I can get fat again! WHOOP!

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