Friday, 19 April 2013

17/04/2013 - John the Builder!

Absolutely nuts day in work. I got contacted by our Wembley office to do an emergency massive Court document and deliver it by hand NOW!

Except 'NOW' took about 3 hours to arrive. They gave me no time at all to get down there and take the stuff to the Court. I was 8 minutes late but luckily for me, they took it.

As it was so late, I made the executive decision to not go back to work (as it would be 5pm by the time I got there) and so I walked through town to try to find an outfit for my friend's wedding next weekend. SUCCESS!

Then Paul told me that we had a visitor and he was showing no signs of leaving any time soon. So I contacted Chris and we made the decision to call off this week's #Whedonsday, even though we really wanted it to take place.

When I eventually got home, I came in to a little bit of carnage.

Remember when I got a new bannister rail fitted the other week? Well, the other side (on the open side of the stairs) was being fitted this week. All from scratch. It's not the tidiest of jobs, but Paul's Dad decided to undertake it so I left him to it!

Looking good, huh?!

He had been at it for hours. I'm really impressed. As was Barney.

Doesn't he look like he has a halo?! I love this picture! Don't believe him though: he was trying to make a bid for freedom in the big bad world the whole time, I believe!

 Looks good, doesn't it?!

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