Friday, 19 April 2013

18/04/2013 - A little confusion...

We got up and went to the gym at silly o'clock again this morning! You proud of us? My ribs are a little sore afterwards though so should probably wait a little while before going again.

Work was soooooo boring. I am almost completely up to date, which is excellent, however, now I need to find stuff to do. Not easy. Filing etc. YAWN

I came home and fancied a nice relaxing evening. Paul started cooking dinner while I relaxed for a little while. Then we made a discovery inside the pepper. It was spawning a mini me on the inside and we cruelly cut it open to devour it. Sorry, pepper. We enjoyed you, if that helps.

It also transpires that I had a wedding delivery as well today! How exciting! Want to know what's inside?

Well, I'm not going to tell you! Ha! I need to keep some sort of element of mystery to our wedding! Some of you might be coming!

However, I think there was a problem somewhere in the packaging of said wedding delivery:

 Mr. MR?! I can assure you that I am NOT a MISTER. I have a good mind to complain. I know I ticked all the right boxes in my order.

Just disgraceful.

I was so miffed, I went to bed and sorted socks. Yep. I'm that rock and roll.

Spoiler - there were 4 that didn't match any of the others. There's a sock thief.

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