Friday, 26 April 2013

20/04/2013 - Busy Busy...again.

Early start today. It's Breakfast Club day! YAY! My bezzie and her little girl came over for breakfast! Whoop!

A was very excited as she was getting to see the cats, whom she hasn't seen for a very long time! She doesn't remember the first time she met them as she was only a baby!

Well she took quite a shine to our Barney (Maia pretty much hid the whole time) but Barney wasn't too sure about A! It was very cute and funny, except we kept losing A as she'd wander off round the house looking for a cat!

By the time they left, she had mastered saying 'Maia' and 'Barney' and I even got a Cay-ine for Caroline which is a pretty good attempt if you ask me!

She also took her usual shine to Paul! She is into her wrestling moves and kept lying upside down on Paul So what did he do?


A the bungee jumper! This was the most fun ever for her! She loved it! No sooner had he put her back down again than she was running up to him with her arms in the air saying 'again! again!'

After A and Lucy left, and the cats were happy, we headed out to Hobbycraft for more invitation equipment! They didn't have the majority of things that we wanted. One was not amused. We got a few bits and it seems the internet is going to be our friend. I wanted to actually purchase things in a shop and keep the country afloat (as I'm going to be spending a small fortune) but alas it's not to be! We did buy a glue gun though and that's going to be the most fun ever!

We then headed back to Ikea for more tealight holders (it's an obsession but luckily we can get 12 for £2 so we're not breaking the bank) and then to Toys R Us for...well...I can't say. We didn't get what we wanted but Paul got to play with a lightsaber so it wasn't a wasted visit.

The force is strong with him.

It was such a lovely day but again, as much as we wanted to we didn't have a drink! Aren't you proud of us?!

We got a few other bits and bobs and then settled back in at home to catch up on some TV. I also made the first draft of our wedding invitations (without some of the embelishments I had planned due to Hobbycraft being out of stock...booo) which I'm quite impressed with! We ned to make a few other alterations to them but it's a solid idea and it looks good!

Still no spoilers, soz!

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