Friday, 26 April 2013

22/04/2013 - Migraine Monday

Paul and I were very good and got up at silly o'clock to go to the gym. Unfortunately Paul hurt his back so he had to stop. I ran for a while and did better than I thought I would so go me!

However as the day went on, my head started hurting more and more. It seems to happen after I do some high impact cardio. I get a migraine. This isn't fair. It's not worth doing the exercise if this is what's going to happen.

Naturally I was feeling sorry for myself and couldn't wait for the day to end so I could come. However, as Paul was at the football this evening, I had to stop at the shops to get some food, which was the last thing I wanted, but tablets won't work without food so I needed some scran.

Whilst in the small Tesco near my house, some dozy bint opened a fridge and was messing around with the fresh pasta sauces. One fell and spilt EVERYWHERE. It landed about an inch away from my foot. I was worried that it had gone over my trousers which I hadn't worn before as they had always been too small (they still are by a teeny bit but they do up so I'm wearing them!) but I couldn't see any damage.

The worst thing? The stupid cow didn't even apologise. The fact that I was wearing a cream coloured coat meant nothing to her. She didn't see if she had got me, she didn't tell a member of staff, no. SHE RAN AWAY.

So along with a migraine, I had the worry that she had got pasta sauce on me. She had got a tiny bit on my coat but I didn't notice that until later.

At least I came home to this face:

This is just what I needed to see! :)

I settled onto the sofa and ate my rather miserable sad lonely bastard dinner for one which tonight was a sweet and sour chicken thing. It wasn't very nice.

After forcing this down my throat I went to bed. My head hurt. I put the movie 'One Day' on in the background but I fell asleep in the middle. I liked the beginning and the end, though! I am looking forward to watching it again!

I didn't have the best night's sleep waking every hour or two. Still in pain. I dislike migraines.

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