Friday, 26 April 2013

24/04/2013 - Mischief Managed

Today felt like it was going on for EVER! I swear an hour passed but the clock just told me 5 minutes!

When the postman came, he delivered me a very exciting box!

I tore off the address label as it had my full mobile number on it. Which I don't approve of.

Yes, that does say Confetti. It's a wedding parcel. Again, I'm a Grinch and am not telling you what's inside, but be assured that I did exactly the same thing in the office! Everyone gathered when it arrived and were making excited noises.

I simply stated "oh, that wasn't due until Monday" and put it under my desk. I said no more about it.

"Aren't you going to open it?"

"No - I know what's in it."

People walked away disappointed.


I went to get some air at lunch time, and came back to see that the box had moved. I think they were trying to see if I had opened it while no one was looking. NOPE! There was absolutely no indication as to what was inside. I LOVE IT! I'm a big meany and I don't care! It's my wedding!

I got home and we made suitable preparations for the visit of Chris for #Whedonsday. There were laughs and smiles but also sadness. We really don't watch the most chipper of TV shows. Ah well.

After Chris departed for the train, Paul made a peppermint tea and I went to do my plank challenge for the day. 3 x 75 second planks. OUCH.

It is not assisted when your cats are in love with your yoga mat and insist in picking holes out of it when they perform their own yoga moves under you. HMMM.

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