Friday, 26 April 2013

25/04/2013 - TGI Thursday

I love the feeling you get when you have a slightly shorter working week than everyone else. It's my last day in work as I have tomorrow off to travel to Winchester for my friend Sue's wedding! YAY!

Before work, instead of going to the gym, I did my leg challenge (squats and lunges), some leg raises and swings (I'm sure these exercises have technical names but meh, I'm not technical!) and also some press ups and dips. Go me! Then I had a full day in the office.

I got everything I needed to done in work with about half an hour to spare. Like I told you - I don't really have much to do these days now newbie is here. She's fantastic, by the way! :)

I got home and started packing up to head over to the in-laws' house where the cats will be staying while we're away. Barney called shotgun so I was in the back with Maia.

Paul concentrating hard on the road, as a good driver does!

Meanwhile I was being guilt-tripped by my eldest fur-baby.

Maia does NOT like being in her cage. Especially when it means she has to go in the car. She does NOT like being in the car. She normally 'sings' the whole way there but she was remarkably quiet this time. It's rare. It's worth it in the end, as I have mentioned before, she loves Paul's parents' house!

Red sky at night - Sherpherds Delight. It was a beautiful sunset. Gorgeous reds and oranges across the sky. Sadly my camera on my phone didn't do it justice and so it's nowhere near as gorgeous as it was in real life. I really need a good camera. Sigh. One day.

We ate quite late so we sat around and watched some tv. Quite a lazy evening with a cheeky glass of wine. I went and did my plank exercises - the hardest day of the challenge as it was 4 x 75 seconds. I chose the easiest option as well. If Paul's back had been up to it, he would have had to do 4 x 105 seconds. Not for me, that! I struggled enough with the 75!

I tried to take a picture of Barney on one of the arm chairs as they make him look small. This is what the picture ended up like:

HAHAHAHAHA! I think this is the best pic I have ever taken of Beep! He shoots me with his laser-beam eyes.

 It's not as fun when the flash is off.

I lamented to Paul's Mum that my engagement ring wasn't back from the jewellers and I missed it. Especially as the temporary one was turning my finger green. So she leant me her 25th anniversary present to replace it for the wedding!

It's certainly bigger than my ring...with one or two more diamonds in it. I'm actually afraid to wear it. Will  have to see if my ring is back tomorrow as this is a lot of pressure on me!

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